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Added: 29.10.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: BluescreeN
Country: Sweden

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all need som air on the hand

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Rating: 3 - Votes: 7

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Tinopoika02.04.2006 21:19
Where did U buy the Cooler? Biltema?

Qballcious12.12.2003 05:35
Buy an old Sega Dreamcast for like $5.00 and harvest the fan.

Russian pyromaniac09.11.2003 23:26
I need a fan like that.. Ive done one mod like the founder of metku mods did.. I made the same but had wrong mouse my was to old so it didint work.. so Im gonna make a new one on my MX 500 Logitech mouse.. Anyone from sweden ! Please give me a tip where to buy those little basterds !! my e-mail is

Darth Bender03.11.2003 22:19
Very neat! If those aren't any efficient at cooling, I'd at least say they're stylish! =) btw: Is that a Vivanco mouse? I think I have one of those suckers at home too...

gon02.11.2003 10:22
It's good:)

N530.10.2003 06:15
nicest one i've ever seen. very nice

Qballcious30.10.2003 00:42
Very nice install. That fan is tiny. Seen them in a local computer store, they sell them as notebook northbridge fans. aprox 25mm to 30mm? Really nice. May just be the picture but the holes look un-evenly placed but way better than others I've seen. Nice Job.

Itikka29.10.2003 17:36
Nice1... Those holes looks like there has always been there.

AzsaZ29.10.2003 12:23
Like The Mouse, Nice Button Colour

1337MHz29.10.2003 11:17
Holes look very small.

An@rchy29.10.2003 11:15
Whoa freakin delolies - how small is that fan?!?!! That's hellasmall! What's it, like 40mm?

yo29.10.2003 09:15
nice =)