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Added: 31.10.2003
Full Case
Owner: Turist1
Country: Finland

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This is my first "Big mod" i want something that
is littlebit.....Porn ;)

So here it is "Pornoboksi"
Athlon 2600xp+
asus a7s333
512ddr 333mhz

...and Modding will never stop....

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Rating: 2.8 - Votes: 10

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-maddog-27.11.2004 03:47
look im really sorry.....but this thing is butt ugly....and i realllly hope your a girl. ill give u a 3/5 for the quality

filu29.10.2004 15:06
nice theme:D 4/%

-anTHrax-02.02.2004 05:40
I hope Your A Girl But Surtenly Not A PImp! Pimps Don't Play computer game no time. But i quess nice!

fxg22.12.2003 01:01
Neme^ sums it up pretty good:
I love it!

Rdaws25.11.2003 06:23
Oh god plz tell me yur a girl!

Gen18.11.2003 12:51
Stop using acid!

Rammuth14.11.2003 10:03
Thats so gay!

Cargocult13.11.2003 10:15
Pornnox?? Dude, you must have a serious problem with that fur on your keyboard everytime you 'miss' while watching your 'porn'... get my 'drift'??

jonny09.11.2003 03:46
HAHAHAHA, THATS THE FUNNIEST PC IVE EVER SEEN, LOLOL, cant belive some people have the cheek to slag this one, haha. The pimpster!

*anonymous*07.11.2003 06:26
whos your mentor? martha stewart?

*anonymous*06.11.2003 16:16
ehehe niiice "pimpbox" :D

pump03.11.2003 19:31
mistä sä sait ton karvan?

stiflers mother03.11.2003 19:30
Kyllä on porno!

no0ne03.11.2003 10:15
You should buy a gun and shoot that case!! It's ugly because it's PINK!!

Neme^03.11.2003 10:13

Fast12802.11.2003 20:58
KLAW!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! PINK!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! ROTFL!!!!!

Holy shit!02.11.2003 11:05
OMG...Thats terrible..!

Arzi02.11.2003 11:03

An@rchy02.11.2003 01:17
cool! Looks like a monster out of Dr Who!

G01.11.2003 22:10
scary shit...

Olli01.11.2003 21:55

merhaba01.11.2003 20:48
mrrr...nice and warm....

Kirb01.11.2003 20:32
Hahaaaaaa! Good stuff buddy

VampNslayer01.11.2003 15:56
looks like a muppet , one of them missing from the set ? Funny mod . good job

aer0u01.11.2003 14:56
hehe, that mouse is funny

Monttu01.11.2003 14:50
We love you Turist1!!!

gon01.11.2003 08:52
not bad but i'l put a bigger window and this case it's like a hair

trs8001.11.2003 04:29
decent match set, the 2600 is a prty bad chip tho. keep tryin new and "improved" "innovative" things.

Nado01.11.2003 03:58
i don't like the color much, but it's a good job! go on that way!

jharsh01.11.2003 03:43
what was going through your mind? No wait I DON'T want to know. WAY to much pink BTW.

AEdwards01.11.2003 02:42