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Added: 01.11.2003
Game Consoles
Owner: jkBHSO3
Country: USA

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i thought my xbox needed a make over so if you like it go to and go for the tuts!!!

i have an 250gig going in there, and all my games will run from it, soon to put the dvd dongle interal, jewel glows, so does the controller plug, and the power light rotates from off, red, orange, green.

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Rating: 3.29 - Votes: 45

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jkBHSO302.12.2003 23:45
yes you can switch the hdd in your xbox ONLY if you have modded the BIOS to like Xecuter 4977 for example is what i have, basically is just all the info on a modchip taken off and replaces the original BIOS now i can run back ups from DVDR or if i wanted to i can put them on the hdd and run them from there, there are downsides though like now xbox live otherwise i get banned :

kingkev02.12.2003 23:29
i like this X-box!

killswitch29.11.2003 02:40
whoa! You can switch hard drives in your xbox?

jkBHSO307.11.2003 09:35
yes that is EL Wire the second pic is a zoom in so that the EL Wire isnt even in the picture the orange glow it the eject light it rotates between off, red, orange, green

Kirb04.11.2003 22:09
Got a question, is that blue wire in the top picture EL wire?

And in the second picture, it looks like that EL wire isn't lit up.. and what is that orange glow coming from? I think it would look much better if you could see that orange glow from far away.

1337MHz03.11.2003 15:47
neet :)

jkBHSO303.11.2003 10:34
Hey sorry the link dont work heres a working link

mj02.11.2003 20:09

Lucif3r02.11.2003 19:18
oooohhhh thats sweeeeeet....... gj gj gj gj gj =)mmmmmm modded XboX arghhhh :P

Albin02.11.2003 13:33
if u think that's cool take a look at this:

An@Rchy02.11.2003 01:20
That's freakin awesome XBOX Mod! Makes me want to go out and pick up an xbox myself, tho being stricktly a pc entusiast, maybe not...

G01.11.2003 22:09
Pretty wicked dude

Kirb01.11.2003 20:34
Whoa, that looks pretty awsome! You get a 10/10 in my books