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Added: 02.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: Matt
Country: New Zealand

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i was board had extra cash so MUAHAHHAHA el wire cathods LED fans and a window = mmmm good

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Rating: 2 - Votes: 3

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adamw25.11.2004 08:57
dude....i cant say much good about this.....better luck next time -10/5

-maddog-25.11.2004 08:49
dude....i cant say much good about this.....better luck next time 1/5

c0mpUt3|2_sc!3nt!st21.01.2004 03:33
uhhh u know what? i take that bak man, that thing does suck lol. I just realized what case that was and... not too good lol

pelaja04.11.2003 19:03
hyvat pojat

An@rchy04.11.2003 02:27
I thought that was the UV window moulding lol

Qballcious04.11.2003 02:11
BTW, I'm still ROFL and LOL'ing (and other generic web giberish) about how the EL wire doesn't quite make it all the way around the perimeter of the window. Now that's good planning. hahahaha

Qballcious04.11.2003 02:07
Every true modder has a decent camera for latter bragging rights... This is obviously a cookie cutter textbook n00b mod so a decent camera wouldn't be apropriate.
Think about it. If the pictures were high res, clean, crisp and vibrant, you guys would be commenting on this truely crappy mod not the crappy camera. true?

Lucif3r03.11.2003 18:11
"it the camera is on my phone and i tryed to do that at home with a concret saw it worked some how but" HAHA great english =) btw the pics suxx... and case is "ok"... no more and no less...

Andy03.11.2003 13:58
Looks fine but maybe you have to have better camera. That fan hole is great!

An@rchy03.11.2003 12:35
Nah, but seriously. What he meant to say was that he took the photo with his mobile phone camera, and he tried to carve out the nuclear symbol with a concrete saw at home - didn't work as good as planned tho :o

An@rchy03.11.2003 12:34
Big dent pig hole piping door sledgehammer i cut with hole with maybe dimond tuth :)

Neme^03.11.2003 10:07
Thats what i call BAD english ;DD

Matt03.11.2003 05:41
it the camera is on my phone and i tryed to do that at home with a concret saw it worked some how but

An@rchy02.11.2003 23:39
Bit pastery around the nuclear symbol

p33l002.11.2003 22:55
LOL, Nado's comment was right on.

mj02.11.2003 20:06
everybody has those, looks crap

g33k02.11.2003 17:11
If u had extra cash, u should buy a new camera.

aeir02.11.2003 16:49
Get a better camra please =)

Nado02.11.2003 15:51
that's what i call wasting money...