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Added: 11.11.2003
Game Consoles
Owner: Dredge
Country: Finland

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Japala's CombiCable made me work on my old psxpad-adapter and also fix my dualshock-controller. I took a psx controller port module from my psx junk box and cut it in half. I did some soldering and this is the result. Yep it works. I'm using a driver called psxpad and you can find the instructions for the adapter from

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Rating: 2.43 - Votes: 14

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huh?30.07.2006 21:48
don't be so cheap dude. just buy a new one

*anonymous*30.05.2006 17:54
saisko ton kytkentä kaavan mieluiten 2 ohjaimelle nii vos ottaa viel kaverin kaa skaboja. pistätkö mailii

vilu25.07.2005 15:53
tartteeks tohon mitään komponentteja?

Zen07.05.2004 00:54
You need to get a better "Layout"

Raine S03.02.2004 15:59
Nii mun Maili on

Raine S03.02.2004 15:57
Saanko Kytkentä-kaavion?? Ni saisin hieman paremman peli-ohjaimen koneeseeni Kun noit ohjaimii on muutamat tuol kaapis =) Kiitos =)

hrh03.12.2003 18:04
Tartteeko toi ton 9v jännittee vaan jos on dualshok ohjai?? Ku mulla o tavallinen nii ei hä se tartte tota 9v?

Qballcious18.11.2003 00:13
I'm glad my constant negavivity helped you complete a mod. A half finished mod should never have been started. :-)

Dredge17.11.2003 03:31
And yes I know. I'm going to repaint the case with matt black when I have time and it doesn't rain all the time.

Dredge17.11.2003 03:29
I have to thank you for the negative feedback really. Without you I might never have really finished this. I will post it as a new mod, but for the time being, .

Dredge17.11.2003 01:14
Heh, prepare for the final version.. I'm mounting it to the front panel.

Guy16.11.2003 19:34
I don't think his attitude against modding is negative. He's merely pointing out that YOUR mod is of such poor quality that YOU would have been better off buying an adaptor for very litte $$ that is basically the exact same as yours in functionality but it looks good. Other's with skill however should attempt this mod. Maybe they'd even make it look good and not like crap!!!!!!!

Dredge16.11.2003 15:25
I missed the part where buying counts as MODDING. I also missed the part where I had to "butcher my controller". I was just recycling. What the hell are you doing on a modding site if your attitude agains modding is so negative?

Bockage16.11.2003 09:34
Dude, just get the psx to pc adaptor they sell at radioshack. It the best one out there and doesnt require you to butcher your controller.

Dredge15.11.2003 20:18
Well actually I would have made it nicer looking if I just could see it more than two times in a year. I haven't seen it since I last atteched it to the back of my pc.

Qballcious15.11.2003 01:39
Maybe stick this fugly thing in a plastic project box or something. Salvage the mod.

Qballcious15.11.2003 01:37
I always make my mods functional first, like yours is. But once I'm sure my idea will be functional, I design it to look nice aswell. If it works and looks like total sheit, like yours does. Then I wouldn't call it a mod. I often spend more money on a mod just for the sake of modding than I would have spent to buy a prebuilt item that does the same thing. Modding is the fun part. But if it looks like sheit in the end then it was not worth it, whether you spend $0.00 or $50.00 on the mod.

dasupalouie14.11.2003 20:09
i still think xbox controller is easier since its already like usb rather than psx as a serial...

Dredge13.11.2003 02:56
And Qballcious, I always look for the cheapest way. Modding is also fun. This one also recognizes as PSX controller with 16 buttons and 2 analog sticks, which is all the functionality you can get from the controller. I dont want to pay $15 if I can use otherwise completely useless controller and a broken down playstation. Extension cords also cost money, playstations I already have dont cost any extra.

Dredge13.11.2003 02:50
Sure you can draw 5V from that sucker but the motors use 9V. Easiest way without visiting electronics shop was to use an old 9V adapter.

Qballcious12.11.2003 23:52
VampNslayer you use a PS2 controller to play Battlefield 1942?? That's just plain wrong. PC's have the best control of all for FPS and the like - MOUSE+Keyboard 102 programable keys!!!!

On a side bar this is a terrible looking mod. I bought my Dualshock to USB adaptor in a local videogame store for $15. And I imagine it's a lot more functional than this etrocity. windows recognizes it as a Dual shock controller. very nice for NFS HP2 and Colin McRae rally 1+2, NES, SNES, N64 etc emulators. Nothing more ironic than playing Golden Eye 64 with a PS2 dualshock controller on a PC. Again, this looks like total shite! I would have used an extenssion cord instead of a piece of the PSX. And some wireloom and shrink tubing would hel a lot.

crash12.11.2003 05:57
looks like theres an external power source to power the motors. if i were to do this, then i would have the power comming from the connector, if that isnt possiable, id use a usb cable for the power, draw 5v from that sucker.

VampNslayer12.11.2003 04:58
E-bay you can get USB adapters for PSX and N64 and sometimes both on one adapter. about $10 and I have a dual 2 port USB PS2 adapter works great for Battlefield 1942 ! 12 program buttons !

An@rchy11.11.2003 22:40
Should've named it commi-cable

gibb3h11.11.2003 22:26
i like my usb psx adaptor myself was only £10 ;)

Kirb11.11.2003 19:56
Hey, I tried this with a Dreamcast controller, It recognizes and stuff... just can't find any drivers :( Anyone know any places I might be able to find some?

Dredge11.11.2003 15:29
Sure you can use it with a 486. Atleast zsnes dos version supports paraller port (I think), dont know about other games/emulators.

Nado11.11.2003 14:35
lol. ghetto-mods 4ever!
good job!

b00b11.11.2003 10:35
Strangely erotic

b00b11.11.2003 10:31
Can u do that with a 486?

1337MHz11.11.2003 10:23
neet :)
maybe i do the same. even tough i never use pad.