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Added: 11.11.2003
Other computer HW
Owner: drinn
Country: Finland

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just normal processor mod..

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Rating: 2.9 - Votes: 10

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V3l022.11.2003 10:06
I love the Idea. Cut the pins, use a little sand and it will be nicer and more wereable. I had a matemathical coproces of an 3x86 for a while, but got bored of it. Try a windowed PIC (microcontroller) But be aware that it's almost impossible to put a hole trough it!

huru19.11.2003 22:19
these have been seen by a thousend times... even properly done ones... he isn`t even cutted the pins, what a loser mod!

Gigamike13.11.2003 18:25
the series of keyring mods is nicht totzukriegen *g*

Nado13.11.2003 14:43
eww.... that looks like it hurts in pocket. didn't u cut the pins?

eLecTro12.11.2003 08:54
Funny, got one of those too, with an old Commodore 64-chip/cpu

b00b12.11.2003 07:48

G@ylord12.11.2003 00:40

Fast12812.11.2003 00:12
big waste? terrible waste! I got some simm ram as a keychain, its nicer because it's long, so it's easier to find the keys in bag :]

An@rchy11.11.2003 22:35
Those things work better as a comb than a keychain

tm36usa11.11.2003 21:25
I want these keychains to end!!!!

Jaguarking1111.11.2003 19:12
looks like a p3 or a celeron cpu

And may I say that thats a big waste unless the cpu is dead

kentris11.11.2003 17:44
what processor is that o.O