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Added: 12.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: basja
Country: Estonia

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Admin's comments/notes:
GRR, no story? Well, pretty lights so...

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Rating: 2.36 - Votes: 14

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maatriks08.04.2007 14:49
At least we know, why no story, coz story is: Brought it from shop and here it is....

sean015.01.2004 07:39
aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww yuck

Da_Priest02.01.2004 17:50
To be honest I bought the same pre-mod. Regreting it now. But stealthed everything, made round cables, changed stupid 4 coloured fans,... etc.
F*ck you m8.
Next time paste a link to the site of Q-tec. The pictures on their site look much nicer too.

huru20.11.2003 18:20
premod sux!

Sibil[oNe]18.11.2003 19:25
I don't like's much standard...

Gen18.11.2003 12:48
I have exactly same premod. It's nice case but why do you send premod pictures here even you havent done a single thing in it. Shame on you

VeGe-16.11.2003 15:29
What do you have done yourself?

Lucif3r14.11.2003 01:00
And jusst check out the mess in there!!!

Lucif3r14.11.2003 00:50
OMG thats sucky..... u should AT LEAST stealthed the CD drives.... and thats NOT hard.... takes bout 5 min... really sucky.... or.... GJ!!!... to the Q-Tec company of course ;)

Nado13.11.2003 14:36
f*** pre-mods!

An@rchy13.11.2003 08:07

*anonymous*13.11.2003 06:55
great pics ...............NOT.

Kirb13.11.2003 05:12
Pre-modded = Lame

The_Moose13.11.2003 03:48
hmm.. i don't see the mod int this, the case is a Q-Tec, and its' bought whith both the windowmod, and the colored fans, so i don't se any mods here, it's all premod...