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Added: 12.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: Meatwagon
Country: Philippines

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i've send this pic cause this the most decent pic because the other pics of my case mods is all f**ked up i'll send the other pics as soon as i took picture of my case mod again

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Rating: 1.77 - Votes: 62

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deck-treck12.10.2008 12:34
das einzigste was noch hässlicher ist als der PC ist der Typ !!!

only which is still uglier as the PC is the Guy !!!

Foamator21.02.2006 00:08
That's just nucking futs! 5/5!!!

jooohhhnnn!28.11.2005 04:51
where in the heck did you come up w/t that ugly idea?

asd24.10.2005 02:53
learn to play ur clazZ nob!

ivor biggun30.06.2005 19:22
how much ketchup and mustard did u spill on that thing?

clash11.02.2005 14:44
excellent 10/5

Lock020.11.2004 14:30
pls.. ugly work.. i dont just know now what's got into ya head.. you go to shrink?!

*anonymous*15.07.2004 12:07
good work, but that´s the ugliest case I have ever seen. but 10/10 for the work ;)

delucard08.07.2004 05:32
that doesen't look pc at all more like brain-o-matic!!!

-)Gizmo(-24.06.2004 12:40
nice job, but i think its ugly as hell :P

Finn7911.06.2004 02:08
Wow, really impressive. Good work!

wtf is that thing21.04.2004 20:37
dude go back to your padded cell

DaCol29.03.2004 02:49
tastless piece of human garbage, what the hell were you thinking making that ugly a*s*s mod but hey if you look like you do no wonder you made that abomination

delzie02.03.2004 22:24
grrrrreat mod must say =) my blackmetallist friend would be thrilled having a case like that.

Junkyard dog12.02.2004 06:32
You definitely need help!!

Ugh09.02.2004 02:34
Dude this is nasty as crap..

*anonymous*03.02.2004 21:43
Once again, f*cking ugly

c0mput3|2_sc!3nt!st21.01.2004 03:25
once again, this thing relaly looks like it didnt jsut get beat down with an ugly stick, it looks like it fell thru the whole fricken tree. Thats just freakin sick. Are you a sicko or do u puke evertime you see your computer? Dood its really original but uhhhh its ugly as hell. AND WTF is with the colors man? U had to b sT0n3|) as hell when u made that thing. Just plain sick

=(((17.01.2004 00:23
i dont like it... =(

zeroblue16.01.2004 16:30
Nice job! Pre oks yan!

S3R!@LK!LL3R06.01.2004 12:06
Not a bad mod. It's at least original. Not too many original ideas showing up in modding lately. Colours shoudl have been darker and matt. good job though.

Phewnix02.01.2004 01:20

fxg22.12.2003 00:49
i like it! and i'm with Jungletrooper on this one.
as for the monitor/mouse/kbd, it's not my choise of colors, but, if you like it, it's great. nice job!

*anonymous*02.12.2003 16:37
the comp and the keyboards ok, but seriously, the comp is friggin sick dood, it doesnt even look organic with that baddass red glossy paint

blah blah23.11.2003 07:04
try darker shades of each color, and no glossy paint. it might look better that way.

Letkuperuna19.11.2003 02:14
Yes it's unique. But ugly piece on sh*t.

jeff18.11.2003 08:50
dear god.

i can't decide which is uglier.

Falkra16.11.2003 15:17
Absolutly ugly. Seen too much horror pictures.

drinn15.11.2003 02:44
nice case, but the colors of monitor, case, mouse and keyboard are so awful! you forgot the black color from your case. :/

g33k14.11.2003 17:42
that makes me sick

Epeli14.11.2003 15:57
u have used polyuretan to those red things havent you??

Anonymus14.11.2003 11:38
Looks like you sprayed the case with that "Great Stuff" spray foam, then spraypainted it all red. Please help me understand why someone would do this...

YESYESYESYESSSSS14.11.2003 11:00
ugly just plain ugly!!!

Neme^14.11.2003 09:26
WTF is this?! Colors are so bad....bAAAAD! FFS! You must be colorblind to f*ck things up like that...UGLY! OMFG, yellow ugly monitor...

WT?!14.11.2003 07:28
Honestly... WTF? It is like random crap threw in one thing. Your kidding right?

JAGUARKING1114.11.2003 04:49
Still very crapy
every time I check it gets crapier
Ok so u hot glued some deer guts on your machine and sparyed em with a clear coat and rat skulls imbeded but its still so organic that it looks like a butcher shop.

doccer13.11.2003 22:48
ei kukaa oikee tommosta jaksais alkaa säätää .. minä en ainakaa.. :)

crash13.11.2003 21:49
lots of time and effort put into it. its a little too doom 2ish for me.

Rawler13.11.2003 21:41
That is cooliest case what i've ever seen ;D

Gimple13.11.2003 19:25
Pretty slick there spiff. Definatly not a LANPARTY machine but it is deffinatly a MOD no matter what the other idiotic creatons here think. Not my taste, but it gives my ideas.

anon13.11.2003 19:14
would've been nice if you made the case the same "theme" as the mouse, keyboard and the monitor. Personally, it looks.... over-done? But I guess it's what suits your tastes

mj13.11.2003 15:01
I like it, gj man

Nado13.11.2003 14:37
it's just cool!
u r da man, meatwagon!

Jungletrooper13.11.2003 14:33
I like the mod, its different and looks like candy.
Better than any other windowuvlightsnivefuckingledfansglowingradiationintourbrain -mods.

Other comments are from jealous ppl.

Neme^13.11.2003 13:25
Colors are just plain BAAAAD...

Craz13.11.2003 12:08
this mod is ugly. sure it's a great mod, and well done too. but it makes me sick...

BTW, how you painted the monitor, Meatwagon? yesterday I disambled mine and its frame is reaally hard to get off!!!
(the back is piece of cake)

MrRepeater13.11.2003 11:51
I like your walls

LocoPup13.11.2003 07:24
I believe the final touch would be to hot glue a tampon to it.

Jaguarking1113.11.2003 06:57
Moded case.....Check
Moded Face.....NOT
If you want I can install a window on your head so we can see what went through it when you built that monstorosity

qwer13.11.2003 05:30
Whos the girl in the picture?

Kirb13.11.2003 05:13
Haha, Spifferific

Blood13.11.2003 03:41
I like the wallpaper on the pc !
As for the rest .... Urm... very .. Artistic!
Nice Monitor Window tho !

puxyn13.11.2003 01:30
nice, nice ...

Submission12.11.2003 23:45
Very interesting......
I admire your bravery....

Qballcious12.11.2003 23:42
why? why? why?