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Added: 14.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: DjDaFFY2003
Country: Norway

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NEON :) :)

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Rating: 2.33 - Votes: 3

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haah20.11.2003 19:54
NEON :) :) and fuzzy pictures X)

Lucif3r17.11.2003 23:17
like i said to the other guy.... GJ!!!... to the Q-Tec company of course ;)

Lucif3r17.11.2003 23:16
omg premodded crap....

Neme^16.11.2003 13:38
Hmm, here in finland you can buy EXACT same case from a store... :(

KlaZaA15.11.2003 19:06
Maby retail, but still cool :)

Scrumpy15.11.2003 11:48
This case would be so easy to do a few simple mods on, but nothing has been done to it. At the very least, cut those side fan holes out completely and find some interesting-looking grills. There's your first project. Get to work!

NexteR15.11.2003 11:43
i do have that case too...thats NOT a modd .....(Boooring)

Nado15.11.2003 10:29
oh, f***! it's pre-modded! get lost with that crap!

BadBoy15.11.2003 03:12
hey man i have a MSI Neo 2-S i want to know where u got them pics from,,extreme and msi thx

drinn15.11.2003 02:42
that is the same case except the colors. those cases are made in factorys and it's in sale on shops..

I don't want any more "case mods" like this here..

drinn15.11.2003 02:40

Rob15.11.2003 02:12
Looks good but it also looks a lot like an ibuypower computer. Same window, same case, two fans, green light, led fans all possible. I have the same thing but with a blue light and no LED fans.

Random14.11.2003 22:32
next time when you take a picture, put yoru camra on a tripod, cuz the camra has a longer film expsure time, which makes the slightest movement turn the picture into a blur, also it may cuz it can autofoucous in the DARK!

but nice =)

Nado14.11.2003 21:11
crappy pics... but, damn... i like it!