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Added: 15.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: HaoKi
Country: Finland

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I started up with a Antec 1080 AMG case and this is what i ended up with...I know the mod is a bit crude cuz it's my first mod...Anyways...I still think that it ended up allrite...I really want to thank Coutsi for helping me...

Specs: Full of crappy components...

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Rating: 3.8 - Votes: 5

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Beaver^22.12.2003 18:52
Onse hieno juu, viel tonne sisälle takaseinään yks ledfani olis aika paha :)

HaoKi17.11.2003 16:20
Ya the paint job could've been a lot better... I really didn't have a good place to paint the case...unfortunately...

An@rchy17.11.2003 12:38
I love it! It's great to see some decent mods! Just next time, get the paint job on the roof a bit more even, ya know? Or maybe that's just dust, oh well.

Falkra16.11.2003 15:15
Nice and clean job, blowholes look gr8.

HaoKi15.11.2003 23:05
I'm gonna go buy new ones next week...Or i might just paint those black...

Nado15.11.2003 22:58
w00t, that's a great job! very clean! but... maybe u could change the screws at the front fans to black ones...

HaoKi15.11.2003 21:27
Aivan...Kasasin ton vaan täs et nään millanen seo...Kesken ku viel on... Kaipais vähä jotain muutaki värii ku mustaa... Ruuvei en viel ehtiny ostaa.... Noi löyty jostain roskiksesta....:D

n3rd15.11.2003 20:16
looks really nice. i like it! nice work!

Jipa15.11.2003 19:22
Nice! Not anything new, but nicely done basic-mod! 10points.

Hieno! Ei mitään uutta, mutta hyvin tehty perusmodi! 10pistettä :)

asdfghhj42y15.11.2003 18:30
the window sucks a** man, everything else (Y)

DDR15.11.2003 18:28
ihan hieno pistät eri ruuvit eteen mieluiten mustat ellei ni maalaa ne mustiksi sitten on hieno