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Added: 16.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: Matt
Country: New Zealand

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i have posted here b4 with my old case and got bad feed back. but i have a new computer now and i used a better cam enjoy :D

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Rating: 2.17 - Votes: 6

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Xenios30.08.2006 22:01
The case look nice from outside but inside needs moreee work with those cables

[AM]WOB!25.01.2005 07:23
0/5 nothing modding in that is it a joke

adamw25.11.2004 08:56
ugh dotn EMBARRAS NZ!

-maddog-25.11.2004 08:43
looks great in the dark but not so sure about in the light.....try and tidy up the PSU cabling a little and it would look quite nice... 3/5

*anonymous*15.07.2004 12:06
even worse than my old Lanfire... -10/10

Guy21.11.2003 00:48
When will the n00bs learn that case modding is a l33t sport and is not to be attempted by the unskilled?

Lucif3r17.11.2003 23:23
GJ thermaltake =) what have u done here exacly??? put in some neon srips and wires?? anyone can du that!! but one other thing everyone can du (exept YOU!) is t oCLEAN UP THE WIRES FFS!!!!!!!!!! anyway... GJ thermaltake

Craz•17.11.2003 15:05
hey, I like this window. you sould hide all the wires, that's for sure. anyway, a good mod is always original. and this window-metal is. don't be hurry to finish the mod.

An@rchy17.11.2003 12:36
It's beautiful - except for the fluro green ties. The side thingy-visual-blocker looks unique as it is.

Jerm17.11.2003 02:57
Hey, I like it. None of us are perfect even on our second or third try

DDR16.11.2003 20:56
NusNus!! se o honeycomp levyä toi koppa on Xaserin Skull siin o toi vakio varusteena

Guy16.11.2003 19:41
Two words, CABLE TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Qballcious16.11.2003 19:40
Possibly the worst window I've ever seen. I see way too much metal plating behind the window. Might aswell have put the window on the other door behind the mobo tray. Also it looks like you have all your wires jumbled up in the bottom of the case. The EL wire is very very very poorly placed. Just plain nasty. Gut the case and start over again.

Earendil16.11.2003 18:33
Bah, it's so unoriginal with a big, ugly window. Can't say that I like your stickers, case or your wanna-be-modd with the cable sleeves either.

hacnslash16.11.2003 17:56
i just think its overkill...

kentris16.11.2003 15:24
It's nice and all, but you have to clean the wires and also you might want to sort the EL wire a bit..

Nado16.11.2003 15:14
it sucks. i can't say more... because it just sucks. where is the real mod? the window? the el-wire? or the stickers? it sucks.

Neme^16.11.2003 13:36
NusNus: Luuletko että Uudesta-Seelannista kotoisin oleva jätkä ymmärtää suomea?

Nice case, too messy from inside...

NusNus16.11.2003 12:43
Onks toi ikkuna jääkaapin/uunin levy?? Jos on nii aika hyvä keksintö :)

KlaZaA16.11.2003 12:37
Hhehe original :D But quite messy...