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Added: 16.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: Markus/Mosse
Country: Finland

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This is my second mod ... and i like it :)

Inside there are :

Amd XP2000+
Radeon 9800pro 256mt
512 ddr 33mhz
and msi mainboard

i like it like it a lot :)

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 87

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HandsomeDan02.12.2006 01:01
Looks toothy. I like.

pom24.03.2004 23:17
siisti, good case I think.

Vintage03.02.2004 21:41
Badass :) Looks cool

fxg22.12.2003 00:43
this is one of the greatest "windows" i've seen. excelent work, dude! keep it up!

eekz_PL22.11.2003 12:47
Well everythig is ok but the paint is ... ugly? You should paint that case in metalic..

pj22.11.2003 00:18
nice work, but window is a lil big, shows to much wires

MailmaN19.11.2003 20:23
Orginal case mod, but the window is ugly, the fans in the front are cool

Letkuperuna19.11.2003 02:12
God damn it is nice! Tuo on jo niinq hieno!!!!

Nado17.11.2003 17:29
oooooh maaaaaan! i luv that shit! THAT'S what i call a mod! fuckin awesome!

Craz•17.11.2003 15:00
I like the color. hey, what is all thos white wires on the bottom of the MB?

by the next month I'll upgrade my P3-800+AsusTUV4x to a AXP2100+ECSk7sem... later on I'll buy some Asus or MSI mainboard...

before all that, you'll see my black-mod! I have some plans on a new light system!

Futoreqo17.11.2003 14:08
Toi on kyllä nätti kotelo Livenä.

Turist117.11.2003 14:06
Hullun hieno Livenä =)

An@rchy17.11.2003 12:35
Rawugh!H! I eat u big time, no? great mod btw

N517.11.2003 01:18
wow, that's a lot of window.

joq16.11.2003 21:31
Patenttinetissä modattiin vähän saman näkönen kotelo...

ram ass16.11.2003 20:55
512 ddr 33mhz ?? :D

mod overlord16.11.2003 20:54
joo siisti on mut pistäppäs teippirulla pyörimää, eli noi johot kuriin :)

Jipa16.11.2003 20:27
Now this is what i call casemodding :) keep going, looks great!

Kirb16.11.2003 19:40
Not too shabby, good stuff

Kijoki16.11.2003 19:38
I really like the effect in the front very nice with those separate colours and i also like the top and that flame thingie in the middle very kewl :D

Epeli16.11.2003 19:05
niin onhan siinä ihan kivasti sitä viimeistelyn makua mutta johdot sais pistä kuriin ja tuo katossa oleva yksityiskohta on aika turha vaikka onha se ihan siisti

Itikka16.11.2003 18:51
Nice1. Och samma på finska: Ihan siisti, mut ehkä pikkasen liikaa yksityiskohtia. Ite tykkään et kaikki o simppeliä ja siistiä. :D