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Added: 16.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: Opelrun
Country: Finland

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Case is paint black & violet, firing gunmen figure is cutted some magazine, rearspoiler is cartboard and aluminium. in frontpanel i cut hole and fit it with plasmaball =)
Englanniks tais tulla paljon kirjotusvirheitä, mut suomeks: Kotelo maalattu mustalla ja violetillä, etupaneelin ampuvan tyypin leikkasin mainoslehtisestä, takaspoilerin tein pahvista ja alumiinistä ja etupaneeliin leikkasin pyöreän reiän. kotelon sisällä laitoin plasmapallon, joka osittain tulee reiästä ulos.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 86

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blaxor04.09.2005 14:36

Piikki31.10.2004 21:24
Siisti spoileri :D.. makee toi plasma pallo... siisti kerrassaan..

*anonymous*29.01.2004 13:28
hyvä idea toi plasmapallo. ei ihan jokaisel oo.

Stevydoos25.12.2003 17:42
Love the fins on the top of the case.. Is that so it doesnt take off?

huru23.11.2003 14:39
ei muuta ku karvanopat, wunderbaumi ja radalle!

Oogge22.11.2003 22:14
*reps* Ei vittu! Takaspoileri? Eikai se vaan ole joku amis tyyppi?

Nado17.11.2003 17:31
i hate that gunman, but the plasma ball just rocks! nice spoiler! but there are too few mods on that case! keep on modding!

d17.11.2003 16:59
toi plasma systeemi on kyllä ihan jees idea

Joule17.11.2003 14:55
That plasmaball RULEZ (ja rankasti :)).

An@rchy17.11.2003 12:22
I Like Rice

Qballcious17.11.2003 06:28
Globe and wing serve no purpose. kinda makes the case look really tacky. and that decal ain't helping any either.

Creeper17.11.2003 04:19
Nice Plasma.

Copycat =)

j/k man.. looks cool.

Submission17.11.2003 01:48
Hahhaha nice yo, i love the spoiller! ROFL its a supped up rice rocket!
But gj one the case, i would have done a mirror paint finish though.

N517.11.2003 01:13
the fin and plasma ball are really nice, i would get rid of the firing gunman figure though. if you want something like that you could always etch it on a window. good stuff

Jipa16.11.2003 22:52
That Plasma-Ball ROKS!

m@16.11.2003 22:10
that decal is kinda annoying. add a window, some uv light may go along well with that plasma globe. and remember, if you listen, someday you might be heard and when in doubt use the smell test, thats so important these days. and remember, making the perfect case is not impossible. its inevidable. Doesn't make sense? maybe it did, but just made so much sense that it made no sense at all........

yeah im starting to get alittle off topic now.
.....nothing wrong with that. As you can see i have no life :). But then again what modder does? nice