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Added: 18.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: kevinb
Country: USA

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this is my computer. it is one of my first mods's the top and both sides are painted blue.
computer info.
win xp pro
1.2 GHz AMD athlon
384 Mb ram
64 MB nvidia quadro
4.1 sound by c-media(the live! drive has been modded)
6 GB hd (had a 20GB ibm 75GXP but it died)
lite-on dvd drive
32X cd-rw
5 fans
1 12inch ccfl
i also have thumb screws for the side panels and the pci cards

i would try to make the front part of the computer look better but im 15 and lazy and cheap

the next thing for me to do is to paint the front bezzle

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kevinb06.02.2004 21:12
also added a tv tuner

kevinb06.02.2004 21:12
updates got new cpu cooler and runs ar 1.3GHz, got a 80GB hd and added blue leds near the feet.

kevinb21.11.2003 00:59
if any of you can, can you post ideas of what you think i should do for my next mod. ideas that i have are 1)to paint the front and drives, and 2)put blue leds in the molex connector

kentris18.11.2003 18:18
I've got that case and the window comes as standard with it.

Nado18.11.2003 17:50
u could have made that window smaller, so you wouldn't see that metal. but at all, it's a good mod! just the pics suck!

Archoni18.11.2003 15:53
yup, nice pics, but little too small..

An@rchy18.11.2003 08:03
Nice pics