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Added: 18.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: Sibil[oNe]
Country: Italy

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This is my first mod...I hope you like it.
The the case's frontal and the bay-bus are completely selfmade.
Happy modding at all!! :-)

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Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 73

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Zim File08.06.2004 19:28
Don't give a sh*t that the case is premodded. The paint job on he front is beatiful. How did you do it man?

pom25.03.2004 09:20
good case I think

Xeraxon15.01.2004 18:43
Letkuperuna, you may think that that isn't a mod, but how he can do real mod if he don't have tools for it? Good job, man. Totally awesome! Can ya give us little tutorial about that stunning front panel?

DeepPhreeze@xuppa.co24.11.2003 07:12
This might be one of the sweetest cases I've ever seen. I would pay $150 for a case like this. Keep up the good work!

Sibil[oNe]23.11.2003 23:03
Jinjia, I'm so happy! Tnx a lot's!
Now, i'm going to mod the screen and the two bright "stripes" in the front panel ;-)

Jinjia23.11.2003 12:24
Letkuperuna if u don't understand art, don't talk there ;) !
this is a really good job, it doesn't make any difference if it's all selfmade or not ! some completly selfmade case are really horrible... by the way, in my opinion this is one of the best case here, i hope to see your next mod Sibil[oNe] !

Ok3n22.11.2003 11:12
I see you like Biohazard signs =)
Cool mod !!

ZegunGan21.11.2003 22:23
side panel is quite good, but the control pannel and the frontal picture are godly ;) ! GJ

Kaiser21.11.2003 22:20
nice shot Sibil[oNe] ! really nice !

An@rchy20.11.2003 06:04
Was that a casewrap?

DDR19.11.2003 17:11
holy shit!!! that front panel is sooooooo coooolllll X)

Sibil[oNe]19.11.2003 15:47
Yes it's a pre-modded case, I bought it because I haven't the tools to make the window in the side panel...

Letkuperuna, in the pics it's small but you can see the "control panel" completely selfmande. Now I want to mod the two bright "stripes" in the front and the screen.

Nado19.11.2003 14:12
yep, fuckin pre-modded case! but the front is awesome! that's a really great job!

An@rchy19.11.2003 07:53
I like it!

Letkuperuna19.11.2003 02:10
Nice, but don't call that a mod. You have not done anything, except front panel, which is beautiful indeed. Correct me if i am wrong, but the case is pre-made MS-Tech LC-660. But full confession, the front panel is really beautiful.

JJ18.11.2003 21:22
Only thing that I can say...COOL.

shake18.11.2003 20:53
nice 1 Sibil[oNe] !!! Really cool ! GJ !

Darth Bender18.11.2003 19:46
w00t m0n!! that is SO artistic!!

Panno18.11.2003 19:15
Gj bisio

Epeli18.11.2003 19:04
this is it what i call ART!! nice one !!GJ MAN!!

Sibil[oNe]18.11.2003 18:59
The case is an Enermax CS-3181L-BBS (this: with a different side panel. ;-)

Lucif3r18.11.2003 18:48
Yeah this is kewl =) GJ.. i wonder... what case is that?? anyway... gj..