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Added: 24.11.2003
Owner: Alarch
Country: Finland

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Had some extra LED:s loitering around my room, and decided to use them before they get lost. So, this is what i made of them. :) It looks kinda ugly from behind, and i couldnt take night shots becouse of my crappy camera. But when the keyb is not upside down on the desk, you aren't able to see the LED:s, just the kewl light. I guess this is some kind of successful mod.


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Rating: 3.19 - Votes: 16

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Bugi29.08.2004 16:20
I like idea !

soul_seeker03.01.2004 02:32
That's a nice mod, but i'm interested if u led the power to your LEDs from non-computer devices....

Alarch26.11.2003 10:44
I am NOT female :E

*anonymous*26.11.2003 06:43
omg a female moder LOL

Nado25.11.2003 17:35
must be cool at night...

Alarch25.11.2003 15:22
Well, it was symmetrical but one led kind of.. Got screwed while soldering, and the keyboard chip was quite big too, thats why one led is below others. And yes, im sorry about the quality of pics, its taken with my shitty 30 Euro webcam :D

1337MHz25.11.2003 09:38
kewl :D

verygay25.11.2003 09:15
beautiful hands

An@rchy25.11.2003 07:45
I wish ppl would invest in a decent camera

Kirb25.11.2003 03:30
Hmm, good idea, almost like a glowpad.. but not. I bet she looks cool at night

DarkSword25.11.2003 00:38
Decent job but please try to get better pics. You might also look into a more symetric layout of the LEDs but overall decent job.

Qballcious25.11.2003 00:29
We need a nightshot. This could look cool.

Falkra25.11.2003 00:27
Yeah pics are ugly, but the mod is cool, and must look good. Nice idea.