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Added: 25.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: Solxe
Country: Sweden

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Chieftec Dragon

Painted the case and added two windows and other stuff ;)

not done yet, need to get 2 red fans really fast :P

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Rating: 2.5 - Votes: 2

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Solxe29.11.2003 00:43
What do you mean? Noise? Bright?
I have a fanbus that control both :P
And I usally close my comp @ nights ;)

Earendil28.11.2003 16:01
How do you sleep at nigth?

An@rchy28.11.2003 02:44
now that's bright

Solxe27.11.2003 20:25
The color on the second picture is a little off, its more pink red than orange(picture) :P

DarkSword27.11.2003 20:10
That is a very very awsome glow. Quite nice and wrm. Give yous a sense of a fireplace in the room :D Awsomeness all around...

Solxe27.11.2003 15:23
IRL , That front isnt so very much different from the black I painted the rest of the case ^^ , yes its grey but it is so much darker IRL :P.

Thx for the comments guys

Nado27.11.2003 13:57
ew... paint that ugly front...
but the windows are awesome! so clean! great job!

Kirb27.11.2003 05:10
Yep, she looks nice

Lucif3r27.11.2003 02:04
jango, I think he should keep it that way bcause thats look prety cool =)

jango27.11.2003 01:25
Nice and clean job :)

But you should paint top and sides grey, to match the front