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Added: 27.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: NoXeR
Country: Finland

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It's only a case....

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Rating: 2.44 - Votes: 16

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Premod hater17.08.2006 00:46
Seriously no pre mods. No matter how many fans or leds u put in it it still is a premod. F*ckin horrible.

B0D0m24.01.2006 14:41
this isn´t a mod!! >:(

CuLTa26.09.2004 23:27
yeah pre mod...

mofo21.04.2004 20:29
i f*ckin hate that case

bQlLiNG08.02.2004 01:37

Dj Laz07.02.2004 21:25
Aerocool rox0r:)

bmwendy03.01.2004 21:34
this is FUCKING NOT a mod
I've got exactly the same case.. okay, It's a cool case, but you may NOT call this a mod! check the pictures.. I did more with it,, and am I calling it a mod?? NO!

DrUnKmOnK26.12.2003 00:04
dude u didnt even do nething u just bought the case, i ould find that same thing in like 2 sec

dummydecoy04.12.2003 14:38
hieno kotelo. Itelläni on samanlainen =)

NoXeR30.11.2003 11:01

Killer730.11.2003 03:03
I like it how NoXeR flamed the person before him for a premod.

NoXeR28.11.2003 14:12
LOL, Kodi = Tommy !!!!

Kodi28.11.2003 14:10
if u think this is a nice mod then you should see my special kodimodded chase=)=)

NoXeR28.11.2003 09:16
ok ok....

Aerocool Design, AERO-S204, midi-tornikotelo, silver

Revoltec neonvalosarja 231xB, Cold Cathode Lights, Twin-set, Blue

2xAKASA Nebula 4-Blue2, L.E.D FAN, 80x80x25 mm

Revoltec Lazer Led Blue

Thermaltake X-Blower Fan Kit.

|XP2600+, 512DDR, MSI GeForce4 Ti|

An@rchy28.11.2003 02:43
I take it u didn't dremel that spider thing urself

DarkSword28.11.2003 01:19
Maybe NaXeR, if you could tell us all what exatly you did, you wouldn't have Nado (who is a a repeat badgerer for supposed 'premodded' things) and other people beating on your post. I will admit that it looks good but I jsut want some clarification on what all you did you mod your case.

i am27.11.2003 23:25
its pre modded case!why are you post it hear? >=|

Nado27.11.2003 21:22
f*** it, it's pre-modded! plz, ppl... don't post that crap here! i hate u 4 that