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Added: 27.11.2003
Full Case
Owner: OverKill
Country: Finland

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Ok, this is my first attempt to do anykind of modding and there's no fancy tricks in this Chieftec case:

- Glowpad under each "foot"
- Blowhole for 92mm fan
- 4 superbright leds behind front cover door
- 5 superbright leds inside the case (as spot lights)
- 5 led fans (4 red, 1 blue)
- 2 CCFLs (red and blue, the crappy red CCFL is almost orange, I'll buy better one)
- Akasa Fan Controller Pro

I also spent few minutes to hide all loose wires in the case. At least IMHO whole case looks better than it was... If I ever have some more spare time (busy at work), I'll paint the case, both in and outside.

System specs:

AMD Athlon XP2100+ / Zalman CNPS7000A
Asus A7V333
512MB DDR PC2700
GeForce Ti4200 (o/c'd to 315/595) / Zalman 80C-HP
Enermax Dual Fan 350w PSU
and usual collection of Hard disks, CD/DVD-drives, soundcards, LAN adapters etc..

CPU temperature idle/load: 41C/44C
Case temp.: 24C

All fans are running at 5 - 7 volts, so the system doesn't generate too much noise either.

PS: The first pic is taken with CCFLs off

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3 - Votes: 13

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Rotax29.01.2004 19:11
How did you make the foot's

DarkSword28.11.2003 01:32
Oh, and I almost forgot about Nado. You forgot to tell what you were first in. Probably a bad case of being punched in the face too many tiems but I bet your first in the tree f***ing competition.

DarkSword28.11.2003 01:30
Awsomeness dude. Very nice gradient glow. Nice placement of the lights and fans. I liek the fact you added LEDs to the feet :D Looks cool that way. Possibly you could add a blue cold cathode under there also to give more glow? Nice glow on the front also. And yes :P, as it looks liek this is a beige case, paint it please :P Nothing too original here but super awsomeness.

Isosceles28.11.2003 00:06
Nice colors and led mods.
Ni onko tuossa Akasan säätimessä lämpöanturit?

man27.11.2003 23:29
i love chieftec! =)
nice case mod...

kentris27.11.2003 21:27
Gj, nice and colourful :) Keep up the goodwork.

How's that Akasa Fan controller pro ?


So what if you're 1st?! o.O You've posted that almost everywhere o.O

Nado27.11.2003 21:20
cool. i like it.
btw: i'm 1st