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Added: 30.11.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Snikers
Country: Poland

.: All mods by owner...
you can change the colour of q3 logo.

for more info, check my www (polish only:(

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.25 - Votes: 65

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Snikers09.12.2003 21:34
scroll's are programable but in my case they are for scrolling horizontal and up&down:)
i don't have a camera so the best pics for RED logo is in here :))))

Kirb06.12.2003 09:11
Ooh! I looked at that link you provided below. VERY nice lines in that logo. Cheers!

Kirb06.12.2003 09:10
Top secret function for the scroll wheels?

Sounds like a conspiracy to me...

Snikers02.12.2003 18:58
I am useing this mouse for 2years, but now i decided to send my mod. i dont have better pics scroll function is topsecrect:) (sorry for my english;)

shmike02.12.2003 15:24
Looks like someone has taken some "nickname-logo" ideas from the glowpad I made ages ago... :)

gymboy68930.11.2003 22:30
i think the second scroll is zoom in/out

An@rchy30.11.2003 22:09
butt ugly mouse n pics. mouse s cool. paint skillz0rz is cool.

Nado30.11.2003 21:57
ugly mouse, but the mod is cool =)

DarkSword30.11.2003 21:38
Decent cutout. Looks a little unrefined but that could jsut be the pics?? I wouldnt mind seeing the differnt colors of the QuakeIII logo :D Overall awsomeness...

@Kampa - I wold guess the first scroll wheel is a regular scroll wheel to scroll up and down and I would guess that the second one is to scroll from side to side. Just an assumption though.

lapio30.11.2003 21:35
kuake ouns

kampa30.11.2003 20:29
Bad pics though.
What does the second scroll do?