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Added: 01.12.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: TribalForze
Country: Netherlands

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my own mouse mod still working on it...

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Rating: 3.25 - Votes: 8

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Qballcious03.01.2004 08:09
Sure everyone knows that. Purple is a fruit and a triangle is a corlour. :-)

Labas05.12.2003 17:11
An@rchy 04.12.2003 13:29
aww I don't know, triangle isn't exactly my favourite colour...

Triangle is color ? HAHAHAHA =]]]]]

An@rchy04.12.2003 13:29
aww I don't know, triangle isn't exactly my favourite colour...

Snip03.12.2003 23:12
Very good and nice mouse.

Tribalforze03.12.2003 10:46
Yeah they say that red reacts better then blue i dont really have a problem with it, oh and this mouse has a grey translucent base as Modakai says...

An@rchy03.12.2003 08:59
Not if the LEDs are bright enough

Submission03.12.2003 08:37
Love the Triangle, and the Blue led replacement! But doesn't that effect the performance of the mouse?

Modakai03.12.2003 08:22
The latest IntelliMouse made by MS has a light gray, translucent bottom. I guess they decided to drop the cost to manufacturer them, as the transparent plastics tend to cost more.

Dave03.12.2003 02:39
How does it shine blue, isn't the plastic on the bottom tinted red? I wanted to do that but I couldn't think of any good colors mixed with res that would be good.

Nado02.12.2003 20:54
eww... good question!

shmike02.12.2003 15:22
Hang on.. Isn't the base of all IntelliMouse's transparent red plastic? Looking at the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 I'm using right now, it's tinted red. Is that a whole new clear base that's been made? Cos there's no way I can get a blue LED to shine through in a blue colour through this red plastic...

Kirb02.12.2003 01:34
Good job, nice clean cuts and cool blue glow

DarkSword02.12.2003 00:37
Nice so far. Quite clean but out and nice glow. I guess some dude decided I can't use 'awesomeness' anymore so, sweetness...

Nado01.12.2003 14:54
kewl, looks like water in it on 1st pic...

An@rchy01.12.2003 12:27
Nice so far, just needs more razmadaz my main man