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Added: 02.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: Sloth-Man
Country: Australia

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My first case mod

i mutilated an old pentium 3 500 case

added a window

put in quad green led fan
placed blue cold cathode at the very top
and spraypainted black

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Rating: 3 - Votes: 4

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homo fargot09.01.2004 10:55
loser case

mlhlk09.01.2004 10:55
james farrel eats large ammouts of dick

Mr x09.01.2004 10:53
elliot is gay

Mr x28.12.2003 08:28
this is kinda sterile he only added a window and 1 fan. i reckon more structual change would be for the better.

Sloth-Man05.12.2003 11:50
thanks for the info guys, im thinkking of engraving actually

oh, ive got the LEDs and resistors etc for my keyboard mod

DarkSword04.12.2003 23:57
Very nice and bright glow. Wiring job looks a bit messy inside though. Might try using some type of tape to wrap the wires in. Also, stealth those drives man. They look very out of place. Lastly, your window is a bit too large. Since you already have it cut, to cover up the metal, if you are good at engaving things or somethign similar like apply appliques, I would suggest overlaying such things to help detract from the rather utilitarian look of the bare metal. You caould also try painting the inside of your case which cold also help out. Overall, cool. Just need to do a few things and itll be even better.

Nado04.12.2003 18:51
i would have done the window smaller... too much metal is visible...

d04.12.2003 13:51
ack, beige drives! :P

Neme^04.12.2003 11:17

An@rchy04.12.2003 07:44
Blu is Coo