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Added: 04.12.2003
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Topher
Country: Canada

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It started with beer bottles tipping over in my fridge. The plexiglass shelf fixed that and the LEDs were just for the heck of it. I might still give the shelf a light sanding so the whole surface glows.

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Rating: 3.33 - Votes: 27

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Lössikuski21.01.2006 23:38
My fridge is cooler ;DDDD Red light to a cool place.. humm.. 4/5 anyway ;)

modcop05.01.2004 22:16
wheres the food at? you should had a led outta the ends of every weeny in the pack too.whats for dinner hot dogs and eggs?

archy23.12.2003 09:53
sand the front of the glass more for better diffusing:P
awesome mod though
be better if it was hooked to run off the fridges light

icefusion10.12.2003 04:31
that looks wikid, does the light stay on all the time or only when the fridge is open?

kizzap07.12.2003 08:33
now just put a window int he front of it and it will be sweet

Falkra06.12.2003 01:24
Fridge tuning rulez.

Topher05.12.2003 16:35
I only had the red leds and there are not many stores around here for that sort of thing. It's powered by 4.5V wall adapter through the back wall of the fridge. If I can get some blue leds, I might put them in the smaller lower shelf. Or make a whole new upper shelf.

AK05.12.2003 14:30
I agree, red looks a bit too "hot" for a place like that ;)
But, you made it, you decide it. Cool mod anyway! :)

moloch^05.12.2003 08:14
meaby blue leds would be more suitable in cold places like this

tEeS05.12.2003 06:49
what are you running the led's off of????email me at

DarkSword04.12.2003 23:32
Sweet idea man. Very cool, bright glow. Makes it look like its actually warm inside :P Sweetness...

An@rchy04.12.2003 23:19
Sweet! Now that's a good idea!

Nado04.12.2003 23:19
really cool! make more of these, would look even cooler!

lwse !04.12.2003 22:56
Now you gave me an idea. I have a little mini fridge witch I´m gonna try this mod on =D

Sibil[oNe]04.12.2003 20:40
great idea!!!! if i made a mod like this, my mother will kill me!!

BEan04.12.2003 20:26
Great ideal. I am going to try that when i get a mini fridge