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Added: 04.12.2003
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: T-i
Country: Sweden

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not much to u may have figured out..its a wuzn't super hard 2 do it but the edges took a while for perfection..i slapped in 2 8000 Mcad sunbeam lazer-leds...and the mat is an everglide with a QIII pic on it =)

ps. does anyone know how to make the plexi glow/absorb the light better ? its glows quite well but i want more >:)

/T-i says: sorry 4 da crappy pics =)

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Rating: 2.95 - Votes: 20

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darwin11.08.2005 06:36
shape the acrylic culvert like a balloon. the round part of the balloon in front of the led and the led where you would tie it off. before you cut set the led in direction you want and trace out the angle of light you get. make the "balloon" in this angle and you should get a lot more diffusion.

BoogeyMan12.03.2005 04:24
i don't know if you could make it glow any brighter, you might go blind! it might look better with superbright red LED's, the go with the theme more. :D also quake 3 r0>

to *anonymouse*09.03.2005 21:49
Quake doesn't sux!!

Magnum31.07.2004 06:06
@ Anonymous - Thats personal preference and a total noob reply because it has no relation to the topic here.

Topic: Very nice, not many have been unique with theirs lately.

*anonymous*26.01.2004 22:07
Quake Sux!!!!!!!!!!!

imp22b07.01.2004 05:29
you can use a butane torch on the edge of the plexi to make it turn clear.

t-i08.12.2003 20:24
earendil: its not finished yet ;)

Earendil08.12.2003 19:10
Ah :) Wanna give us the pic of your computer in the "Case mods"-section? :P

t-i07.12.2003 23:53
Earendil: the theme on my computer is red/blue and i have a lot of things that where red (my neonmoded keyboard,power led etc.) so i decided 2 make the pad blu insted =)

Earendil07.12.2003 14:02
*However :P

Earendil07.12.2003 14:02
I think that red would be a nicer colour, since red is the color that you're thinking of when mentioning Quake. Howevever, it is an nice mod. :)

drinn06.12.2003 15:08
It's nice. ;)

shmike05.12.2003 13:49
If you sanded and polished the edges to a very smooth and transperent finish, then light will escape the medium pretty easily. Sanding the edges so they aren't as clear and have a murky white finish means that they would absorb/diffuse and scatter the light, and thus would glow more brightly.

T-i05.12.2003 10:47
Qballcious: im new with dremels so it was pretty hard for me =)
Sleman: should it be rought or smoth ?? (grovt eller fint ?)

Sleman05.12.2003 10:31
Take sandpaper and sand the edges, that will make it glow more. (sandpappra kanterna)

An@rchy05.12.2003 09:37
some ppl cant be frugged

Qballcious05.12.2003 00:29
How hard could the corners have been? Just put the bought mousepad on the plexiglas and trace it. cut out and sand smooth.

DarkSword05.12.2003 00:15
Very sweet man. Very bright glow (atleast as it looks from the pictures). Nice rounded corners ;) As for amplifying the light, there really isnt a lot you can do for that. Probably the most reasonable solution would be to add another LED in there. I'm not sure how you positioned your LEDs so I can't tell you anything exact. You would have to create a new pad or something to do this but I would suggest using 3 or 5 LEDs in a daisy form circle in the cinter of the pad. Hopefully, someone else will have a better answer though :D Awesomeness...