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Added: 06.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: Happless_Gimp
Country: Australia

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Well I needed/wanted a new case. I wasnt really overly enthused with the cases available to me, not just their styles/size but their prices. So i set out to build my own case.

It's outer frame is 1mm Al. angle. The inner frame,which supports the MoBo is 2 mm angle. the base tray is 2mm Al. plate bent to shape. the top is 1 mm Al. plate bent to shape. The acrylic panels are 2mm cast acrylic.

The sliding MoBo tray is out of an old case i had. I have use it as it is a sliding tray, plus it was far easier to lighten this one then try and fabricate my own.

there arnt *that* many drivebays in it ATM, but i dont really need that many for now, however the bays for HDDs have plenty of airgap between drives
Considering the case is 600mm high, I suspect there is still room for expansion :)

Im not quite finished, Im waiting on some fans and ultrabright LEDs for it and I have to make a cut out for my optical drives but its close enough to show off now I think. Perhaps not really a *mod* as such, but im happy with what i have built.

i think thats about it, I plan to post some more pics etc on the forums.

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 23

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druga03.01.2004 19:28
nice lego man!!!

JoKeR01.01.2004 19:40
tou are a talent

Lucif3r09.12.2003 22:19
YEAH nice!! one question: how do u put in CD dirves etc....?

Olli08.12.2003 22:40
Prety nice

N507.12.2003 03:04
niceness. better than those retail cases

drinn06.12.2003 15:13
nice colors and nice work.

AzsaZ06.12.2003 14:19
Nice, kickz azz, Good Work!

Nado06.12.2003 11:52
that's the way i would build a case! really nice!

Submission06.12.2003 11:50
Nice good yo. I love the aluminum frame, cuz its light and pretty. But the colors, hmmmmm. Plz replace them when you install your componets. Besides that, nice work.

Happless_Gimp06.12.2003 09:33
Heh....yeah well I honestly never would have clicked to the xmas factor unless my girlfreind told me. I really only used those colours cause its what I had stock of.

Kirb06.12.2003 09:08
Mm, looks nice! I agree that the only way to build clear cases is with an aluminum frame. Looks cleaner and stronger

Qballcious06.12.2003 08:39
Finally someone who knows how to build a propper plexi case. An aluminum frame is definately the way to go. I did the same thing a while a go (posted on metku somewhere)The beauty of that system is that you can swap out plexi panels after Christmas without altering the internal framework.. Good job Gimp guy.

jharsh06.12.2003 07:14
Nice job! This is a mod. You are building your own case :-).

An@rchy06.12.2003 06:52
Nice! I just wonder where the red and green will go after christmas. Kudos for origniality!