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Added: 06.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: jharsh
Country: USA

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Nothing done to the face the the system yet(ran out of money). All the work has been inside. Although not visible I rewired the case to reduce clutter(a few stray cables are still their but not much can be done about them). I cut the window and cut the exhaust fan in the back (as it was shipped little air was able to get out the exhaust so removed it).

Amd Athlon XP 2600+ 333mhz fsb
Abit nf7-s mainboard (rev 1.2)
512mb pc3200 corsair low latency ram.
geforce 4 ti 4600 128mb
120gb wd 7200rpm 8mb cache ata-100
40gb wd 7200rpm 2mb cache ata-100
40x cd-rw

I plan on replaceing the green led with a red one. don't know how it got their. Also the radeon sticker is their because I plan on getting a radeon 9700 soon.
more(and larger) pictures at site above.

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Rating: 2.5 - Votes: 6

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Me22.03.2006 03:15
Why all the stickers? It's not a Honda.

Hamzor25.01.2005 18:38
Pretty nice

jharsh12.03.2004 12:38
Why reinvent the wheel? It came with the door. I think to many people clutter up the fron of their systems with junk. I like the clean look. :-P

Qballcious12.12.2003 23:08
Dodn't you mean "buy one too"?

kukkuu10.12.2003 15:12
cool cd-drive.
i'll make one too.

Kirb07.12.2003 09:00
Yeah, thats a nice looking window kit

Qballcious07.12.2003 06:18
Curse the designers at Lian-Li for adding this fugly thing to their case repertoir.

An@rchy07.12.2003 00:28
I'm glad to see the window kit job is so nice.