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Added: 07.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: Dezmo
Country: Finland

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Here its my little modded case. 2 LED fans, 2 coldcathodes (uv and blue) and side window. And components: AMD athlonXP 2400+ (overclocked to 2.2Ghz), 512MB 400DDR-ram, Geforce FX 5200 128Mb and 60Gb seagate.

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Rating: 2.67 - Votes: 9

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Codek04.02.2004 21:25
Ainaki hilpee ikkuna :D siitä tyylipisteitä

Dezmo15.12.2003 17:55
Thnx those comments, i do something those wires! :)

krich08.12.2003 14:40
nice window but if i were you i would take it apart ,paint the inside with the blue paint you used on the front of case .
cut and cap the extra wires ,the rest put behind the bays
and use wire covering
good start

Submission08.12.2003 09:55
Original window, but crasy wiring! People tell me i needed work on wiring, but you case completely justified mine, lol. Just Kill some extra cabling and wrap the rest up tightly. See what I mean?

An@rchy08.12.2003 07:50
Yea totally get rid of the stickers. post some nite pics

Qballcious08.12.2003 06:19
He's right. work on the wires. And while you're at it. get rid of all the stickers. Maybe redo the edge moulding on the front fan, looks a little rushed, it doesn't meet up as seamlessly as it should.

DarkSword08.12.2003 01:57
Nice case. Decent fan placement. Interesting window. Don't believe I have seen a side ways tear-drop before :P Can't tell how well your case is lighted though. I have to say this though, please, please, do something with your wires. Use some type of tape or wrapping to keep all those wires from detracting from the look of the case. Overall, only decent, but you can improve it....