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Added: 08.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: Mishy UK
Country: United Kingdom

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This is my PC
Lian li case, blues LEDS and fans upfront.
RED LEDS inside with 2UV CCFLs + UV reactive bits and pieces.
xp1800 @ xp3000+
Abit NF7 mobo
ATI 9500pro with GPU voltmod 425/344

3dmark2k1 16k+

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 19

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Jipa09.12.2003 19:55
I like it. I usually dont like look-like-a-chistmastree-cases, but thisone is nice! All that shine and all those details :)

Metz09.12.2003 05:17
i also love UV i got one ccfl UV today for my case, and i am going to make this circuit modding where u paint the graphic card an sound card etc think its gonna be nice

mishy08.12.2003 21:11
Thanks guys,i apperciate all comments! yeah there are quiet a few colours,i can turn the UV lamps off, its just moody red inside then. But the two colours i wanted to avoid aren't there, pink and green! but its all cos of my flatmates 6mega pixel camara thats made it look so GOOD!

Niko08.12.2003 20:07
I love UV lights too,but just DAMN! Now I have to redo my case..
Splendid color mix.

AzsaZ08.12.2003 15:31
I'm totally not agree with an@rchy, kickz azz this mod.
Good Job!

Nado08.12.2003 14:50
i agree with an@rchy...

krich08.12.2003 14:28
wow i need sun classes
looks like a good mod like to see pics in lit room
a lot of colors though

An@rchy08.12.2003 07:50
too many colours

Qballcious08.12.2003 06:22

mishy08.12.2003 04:19
i was just testing my mates digi cam,so didn't do some much cable arraneging. im amazed how well the lighting effects look. UV/blue didn't work anywhere aswell, guess it has something to with colour spectrum etc.

DarkSword08.12.2003 02:02
Well, you get bonus points for not mangling up a Lian-Li case too badly. Nice UV/red glow. Decent wire management. You can improve it a little by strapping the wires up so they aren't in such a jumble. Rather odd fan placement but I suppose that would work. Overall, good...