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Added: 09.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: BadBoy
Country: Australia

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Hey i'am back with all new mods, to my pc, such as a blowhole on the top of the case which i did, wired loomed the cables, pc feet with lights. Enjoy Skyhawk Jupiter

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Rating: 2.85 - Votes: 13

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Zim File08.06.2004 19:10
Let them talk about i coloured cases, this sh*t rulezz it's just perfect with this lights in it.

MaBloKo19.12.2003 19:40
Try to make it a bit less looks like a mess tho..But make a change of the 2 colours :) 1 ColoR is enough what i think but a nice work :)

BadBoy19.12.2003 17:27
Skyhawk jupitar and i need help on tryign to hide the cables as i dont know where to put them?

Letukperuna12.12.2003 12:41
Forgot to ask, what is the case's name? It looks like Codegen C10. I have that.

Letkuperuna12.12.2003 12:40
Nice job with the "wire-cover" but 2-colour case isn't so nice. Blue section is cool. But still too much cable mess.

Qballcious12.12.2003 02:22
Killer7- Yes. It is.

Killer712.12.2003 00:39
I think the wires look tight :) cable mess isn't ALWAYS a bad thing.

GPW10.12.2003 21:19
great window n lights - i hate to think wot the case looked like before u sleeved the cables!

Blitz10.12.2003 20:01
CPU duct? I can't even seen a CPU, let alone a duct for it. And as for the wires, what the hell are those all from? I have twice as many componets in my case then that, and I have half as many wires.

MailmaN10.12.2003 18:28
Is the CPU duckt effective?, it dosent look that way. Cool mod, fanzy holeon the top.

jaguarking1110.12.2003 04:57

DarkSword10.12.2003 02:36
Firstly, hide those wires. Just because u put the tubing around the wires doesn't mean its better :P In fact, I would go so far as to say thats even wires for airflow than if u had left them alone. Your lighting is well gradiented. Good placement, good blends. Nice cpu ducting, hopefully that compensates some for the bad airflow of the case. Lasty, nice PSU window ;) Just a suggestion but you might add something in there, possibly a few super bright red LEDs or something but just do something that will look nice and make it stand out more because to tell the truth, I sat and looked for your PSU for atleast 30s before I saw it :P Interesting, but work on it some and possbly repost...

Qballcious10.12.2003 00:09
Too damn many wires. Try hiding some. Even though you used black wire-loom doesn't mean they are hidden. Airflow must suck in this case. (No pun intended) Nice CPU duct though.

An@rchy09.12.2003 23:29
I think it looks cool!

Lucif3r09.12.2003 22:29
hmmm well........... dunno what to say..... =/ i dont like it.... caus i hate those "black-things-over-wires" (dunno the word in eng :P) and i dont like 2-colored-cases.. i like the blue part =)