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Added: 09.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: Jaguarking11
Country: USA

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My pc
Wel this is Voyager
Specs are as follws
Tualatin celeron 1.4ghz oc to 1.63ghz and going for 1.86ghz soon
Gainward geforce fx 5200 250/280 @ 500/425,
768mb of ram 80gig western digital Hd, Sb 16 sound, Compaq DVD rom drive, generic 44x cd rom drive, zip drive, and custom built foront game and audio plate made. Custom window and a ducted video card. Now I also have front temperature sensors (not in picture) and soon a dual fan black psu with glowing fans.
Will repost when the whole system is finished.

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Rating: 3.24 - Votes: 25

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Torax05.09.2004 22:40
I like this one :)

jaguarking1121.03.2004 09:43
The cathode is generic compusa brand and it glows blood red.

*anonymous*24.02.2004 21:01
What a piece of crap, go back to modding school. What I don't understand is how you can produce a hunk like this and then go around trash-talking everyone elses' work.

nope05.02.2004 05:41
Thanks for putting an american flag on that piece of garbage.

T-i23.12.2003 14:51
Good job there....just wondeing if the ccfl glow red...or pinkisch...and what brand it is ?

Fasces16.12.2003 12:16
As you like. I didn't start this. And since I don't give a damn about "modding", as you call it, I'll just keep out of here.

I think It is slightly better to discuss politics and cultural disagreements. Godd bye. And feel free to remove the flag. ;-)

jaguarking1116.12.2003 08:30
STFU alredy

Stop being politicaly driven to put down people. I am going to say this again. THIS IS A MODDING SITE AS SUCH POLITICS HAVE NO PLACE HERE. GO TO A POLITICAL FORUM AND ARGUE TILL YOU TURN BLUE.

Fasces15.12.2003 12:47
hihi, Mailman.. Well, first of all we don't flaunt our flag every day of the year. Once a year is more like it, and that day doesn't mean all that much to regular Norwegians.

"evryone in norway whine all the time over the high prices, bad hospital.... "

U bet. One country in Europe whine more han us, and that's Greece. At least they've got stuff to whine about.
I use much of my time arguing with americans, ebenthough I don't consider myself an Anti-American. I am more anti Bush. That doesn't mean I am too happy about chirac or Putin either, but at least they carry their authority in a much more professional way.

On this, a russian one, I was recenly accused of being a "Saddam lover", by th AMerican posters. Just because I thought it a little weird to conclude the war as successfull now that they finally gor him. After all, it was WMD they were after. ANd they lied to us.

Another prob is the constant "you" thing. There are about 250 mill. Americans, and they all seem to think that Europe consists of three countries: Germany, France and Russia.

Norway was against the war, not for their own profit. The fact that this might be the case for France, make us all french. Which I am not. Je ne suis pas Francais. Or something.

"I like it...especially that duct. BTW chill everyone...America has its flaws, but so does every other country"

Yup. After what I hear from Americans, Norway is a "Socialistic Disneyland".

MailmaN13.12.2003 19:58
No, the norwegians are not patriotic at all, we have been selectet to the best contry to live in by UN, but evryone in norway whine all the time over the high prices, bad hospital....

jaguarking1113.12.2003 06:08
Yes Americans are very patriotic and sometimes it overdone but that shows we are thankfull for what we have.

Qballcious12.12.2003 23:00
I doubt Norwegans are nearly as patriotic as the Americans. Then again who is?

MailmaN12.12.2003 19:52
sorry for the comments, it wasent meant to insult you, but i think its a bit meanilngless to have a flag on yor case. It take the consentraton away from the hardware. I wouldent like a norwegian flag on my case....
My english sux..... sorry

Craz¥ 0N312.12.2003 13:29
sorry for my words also, Jag. I think i've seen too much problems caused by intolerance where I live, and just wanted to show my point of view.


*anonymous*12.12.2003 09:09
around 35c are the temps at most but lately I get around 30c but I just recently changed drivers and new drivers dont let me oc too mutch now. (suspect a cap on oc) I get around 375mhz core and even maybe 400mhz (have to explore) core and only 415mhz mem then everything goes haywire. (but I do have to say the new (beta 53.03)'s give me the same performance as the crazily oc'd before. (btw I did a bios edit so the boot up clock on the mem is 400 strait)

I didnt mean to be so defensive but this land I live in is very precious to me and even the thought of insult towards it is a cause of alarm.

To quote Killer7 "America has its flaws, but so does every other country." I think that says it all.

prophet12.12.2003 07:31
i think the whole thing got blown out of proportion. I don't think mailman meant anything bad against America. I think he only meant that the flag took away from the look of the window. He was talking about the sticker itself, not what it symbolizes, know what I mean?

what kind of temps do you average on the video card with that kind of OC jag?

Killer712.12.2003 00:54
I like it...especially that duct. BTW chill everyone...America has its flaws, but so does every other country.

a11.12.2003 14:00

Craz¥ 0N311.12.2003 12:11
this is a hell of a OC to a videocard....

BTW, I think you guys here are in the need of some tolerance over here. perhaps some sense of humor even. anyway, Jaguarking11, you do NOT need to answer a 2 word "insult" (read: opinion) with 29 dirty words... it seems like you keep a machine-gun in your basement, ready to kill anyone who thinks differently from you.

and I don't think that everything is due to a war possibility. if you think so, I should just remember you guys from what happened to Napoleon and Hitler.... they also had the VERY SAME opiniom from Jaguarking11 ("I'm the best, don't mess with me or I'll kill you").

well, i don't want to keep up the threat. I finish my comments here. sorry, Admin, but I couldn't let of expressing my point of view in such a free-opinion crushing.

Jagurking1111.12.2003 02:53
The videocard is a Gainward Fx powerpack (Pro/660 TV/DVI) 128mb or ram in it.
The videocard duct is made with glued plexi glass that was left over from the window mod I did. And I will take pics of my new and improved case soon. And hopefully the pics will be higher quality. And yes I will post the duct in the single mods category.

BTW I did not start the insults. I never insult some 1's country, beliefs, or cultural beliefs. So naturaly I dont expect some 1 to insult my flag.

Toften11.12.2003 00:14
how did u make that videocard duct?
can't u post that one ONLY in the "Single Mods"?
I'd realy low to see u'r new improved case!

RedNeck10.12.2003 23:47
IS that a PNY Verto GeforceFX video card .... it looks similar to that 5200 I have in my net server ....

RedNeck10.12.2003 23:26
.... woo people hold it .... first off an@rchy if you dont like government thats fine but does it really matter ... personally so you know Jaguarking11 I think people hate America because they know there country would loose in a fight .... but I am not disagreeing with the fact there are quite a few idiots in high places here .... but please please please .... lets not get into a fight over this ... the last thing we want is someones comment starting another virus just because someone hated something that doesnt really matter anyway... think back to code red because a spy plane crashed in china and how stupid those people where because pretty much all countrys have spy planes looking over all the others.....

An@rchy10.12.2003 23:11
Government Sux

Archi10.12.2003 21:24
I wit Nado the american government r idiots

Jaguarking1110.12.2003 20:59
Wel guess what if im not expressing my preferences in governemt and social oreder, why should i get attacked?

BTW this is a moding site not a political one. You can always go to a political site and curse out americans all you like. Just leave me out of it. And Americans dont make threats btw we take action. Keep your political views to yourself and keep on to the subject.

Dont foreget its a moding site.

Nado10.12.2003 20:13
hey, d00d, watch ur language! he didn't do anything bad, he just said his opinion! if he doesn't like america, u can't do anything about this. i hate the american government too, will u kill me now?

Jaguarking1110.12.2003 20:03
Dont insult my flag you fagot. if your crempie ass dont like it you can get a case like myne and shove it in your inner most anal cavidy.

MailmaN10.12.2003 18:18
Ugly flag in the window, but overall a ok mod

krich10.12.2003 16:15
nice job well done case

Jaguarking1110.12.2003 02:46
Thanks for the compliments guys

Wel firts off the duct is home made and it lets me oc the hell out of my card withought adding heat to my case.
The side door of the case is made of plastic and it is porus enuf to glue the plexi on to.
Btw the fron bezel glows also but my cam isnt that good at nite. Also these pics are old pics I have from about 3 months ago. since then I have added 2 voltage meters and 2 thermal sensors along with another super bright let to make the bezel glow, also i have upgraded the heatsink on my video card with an old choped up pentium 2 heatsink and a larger duct along with a larger fan. I will post new pics when I get a decent cam to take the pics with. Btw i have fixed the wires more now and they are almost totaly hidden.

DarkSword10.12.2003 02:32
One more comment, you have painted the inside of your case I see. Good job on going the extra step and completing your painting job. Coolness...

DarkSword10.12.2003 02:30
Nice, bright glow. Plain window but nicely cut. I would have to worry a bit about that window 'popping' off of the metal though. As metals aren't very porous, they don't generally stick well to other things while sing glue a a medium. Nice fan ducting and wiring job. Coolness...

Qballcious10.12.2003 00:13
I like the stealth paintjob. That's what I wanted to do to an old eMachine FTP server I had. Should work on hiding all those wires you've added through modding. Good job though.

prophet09.12.2003 23:38
the duct mod for the video card is interesting. can anyone shed more light on this? is it commercially available or is it homemade(if so, excellent work!) ?

An@rchy09.12.2003 23:28
it looks like oe of those cooling things for your cpu. I like the red on black.

Toften09.12.2003 22:32
What is that thing on your videocard???

It needs more red in tho top-part of the case. BUT I like that u'r case is soo clean, no (nearly) visible wires. Joy