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Added: 11.12.2003
Other hardware/devices
Owner: gsand
Country: Australia

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This is my PSOne 5" LCD mod mounted on my costom perspex front panel. I still need to paint the inside of my case, im going to paint it Matt Black. It is remarkably clear and easy to read on either 800*600 or 640*480 res.

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gsand28.04.2007 13:58
hey blokes, just found this after a 4 year break.

i still have my LCD, but its tucked away in a box somewhere.

It was a cool gimick 4 years ago, but now LCD's are cheap as chips and everywhere too.


Gandala24.09.2006 20:30
What about power?

GDI from RUSSIA15.02.2006 10:50
PSOne 5" LCD mod -

ctx320115.01.2006 23:21
Can you contact me about this screen?

MaWeRiQ06.10.2005 18:21
way cool...

Alfworks13.07.2005 19:08
Wiring LCD screen from Laptop with some usable source is very complicate. It needs lot of electronics, because the LCD's from laptops are built for that feature...
I dont think that anybody can make it work.(of course without proper electronic:)

ron19.05.2005 17:47
if anyone knows how to re wire an lcd cant they send me either link or instructions to

Spider16.05.2005 00:50
I was thinking about getting an psone lcd but I was wondering if I get an Laptop 15" lcd could I wire it into the psone lcd input and have it work. If anyone can direct me to an link that would help me that would be great. Just send an pm to : spider_2021 on yahoo messenger.

Black_Angel14.01.2005 16:49
I got a 10.1 Color LCD for $10 at Electronic Discount Sales.

leahcim13.01.2005 23:27
I got this lcd from an old laptop. would it work for anything like this without too much wiring knowledge?

nick30.12.2004 13:20
Make a cover for it and you get an 5 this is not cool looking just a plastic cover painted in the colors of thecase

2bitwhore02.11.2004 17:00
these ps1 lcd's are vga compatable with a bit of modding 3/5 cuz ive seen these look a lot cleaner

Galla31.08.2004 17:03
looking out for one of these cheap, the one in argos comes with power adaptors and stuff.

Stevydoos20.08.2004 15:56
You can pick up a psone lcd screen for about £60 from argos atm... Sooo tempted!

Mike01.03.2004 06:15
You people have to remember, all this LCD does is toog to the TV output on a PSONE. That means that it must accept the same kind of signal, and as such can be hooked up to the tv-out on any video card.

gsand28.01.2004 01:29
Thanks for all the replies! Ive been purchased a new harddrive and monitor so ive kinda run out of money for modding atm. Oh well, when the funds arise again, there will be a series of new mods, then ill enter it in a few competitions.

admtex17.01.2004 22:03

admtex17.01.2004 22:02
please email me the details on how to rewire the LCD

helo06.01.2004 16:43
yeahhhhhhhhh I peed in your pool

JoKeR03.01.2004 19:07
That is soooooooooooo cool

Fastbrain103.01.2004 14:33
PS ONE ???? Here in germany never seen a PS One with LCD !
Please contact me !

gibb3h16.12.2003 00:36
i've seen them in england, but they are over £100 (~$130-140 i think)

Olli15.12.2003 17:11
vital 11.12.2003 09:16
how did you connect LCD? PSone data format is compatible with PC?
No and yes its connected to tv-out (Composite video/S-VIDEO)

gsand14.12.2003 02:35
that would make a nice mod, have the LCD in your case, along with the PSONE! All you need is a switch to change the circuit between your TV OUt and the PS one and ya can have both!

Qballcious13.12.2003 18:10
They still sell them in bundle packs with the PSONE. Think it's like $140 USD.

gsand13.12.2003 14:21
I dont think they are selling them anymore, and besides your in a different country!!!!

SajmoN13.12.2003 13:27
Hey this is a nice one ... could you post exact url where to get it at that price ... i found only shops with prices around 100 USD .. thanks

gsand13.12.2003 11:49
Qballcious: The front is not all open, there is a perspex panel there ;], and yes im using the TV Out (Composite) from my video card.

Ratticus: Exactly the same, except mine isnt modd'd to run of VGA.

Really it is a very simple mod. The screen accepts all kinds of vomposite video, eg from a VCR or a DVD, and in my case the TV-out port on me video card. So mods, just a simple hook up with some RCA's

If you need more infor or just wanna chat to a nice friendly guy you can get me on MSN @ or e-mail me @

Jaguarking11: Cost me $100 Australian (~$40 US) brand new at a Gaming shop (Electronics Boutique)

Ratticus13.12.2003 07:37 I believe that should be fairly similar.

DarkSword12.12.2003 06:39
Nicely done. Missing the pic where we see the front bezel back on though ;) While it may not be the first time I've seen this, it is still cool. Coolness...

Jaguarking1112.12.2003 03:32
I been wanting to buy one of those screans to put into my pc but I haven found any. Where did you buy it & how mutch was it?

Qballcious12.12.2003 02:10
BTW, can we get a shot of the front faceplate of the case with the screen installed. right now it's just all open.

Qballcious12.12.2003 02:09
I assume he used the composite/TV out on his video card cause that's what the PSONE screen uses nativly. I did the same to an aftermarket PSONE screen, although the Sony screens are of much better quality.

gibb3h11.12.2003 22:12
very cool, but i, like to others would like to know how you connected it to the pc output :x

tm36usa11.12.2003 21:32
nice screen. I have been planning to do something like that too.

1337MHz11.12.2003 13:45
Very nice :) i could use the info too..

Craz 0N311.12.2003 12:19
yeah!! tell us!!! how do you put the PC stream into this lcd???

vital11.12.2003 09:16
how did you connect LCD? PSone data format is compatible with PC?

vesqs11.12.2003 08:08
thats so cool!!!
Details please!