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Added: 11.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: Jaguarking11
Country: USA

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Wel this is my viper router.
The specs are as follows-
Pentium 1 classic 133@166mhz
48mb of ram, 1.7gig hd and dual 10/100mb nic's
The router runs smothwall
The case has been custom built and its the size of a vcr. The case is made of wood and the two fans keep the system (including psu) cool enuf. (30c or so)
Hope you like it

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 33

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moo11.05.2004 21:57
i rekon this is cool, guys read what he says, its tucked away, it was cheap to do, prolly fun too, is functional and practical due to size. You dont need somet shiny that lights up blue to be a router, most ppl just use a old desktop and hide it somewhere, this is cool. As stated the burning temp of wood is about 150 degrees so shouldn't be an issue with all those fans. Bung it under the desk and you got a talking point when someone asks where your router is!

nice job


Ramsinks.com29.02.2004 11:31
Very Unique and creative. = 5
(Don't mind the kids here - they where expecting another Chieftec with a window..)
It's a Router kids.. turn it on and tuck it away -get it?
Welcome to Linux.

*anonymous*24.02.2004 21:04
I don't want to even comment on how crappy this looks. 1/5 for effort.

crash16.12.2003 06:17
kinda like an xbox with a wooden case, and a floppy drive.

jaguarking1113.12.2003 06:11
I agree with Qballcious on the cables isue. I myself like flat gray cables better than the rounded 1's.

Qballcious12.12.2003 23:07
IDE and Floppy ribbons, when folded properly to conform to the case and components, IMHO look better than rounded cables. I took my rounded ribons out and replaced them with stock grey ribbons and folded them around components. I think it looks a lot better than the uberpopular rounded ribons. If folded properly the restrict less airflow than the rounded ones.

Jaguarking1112.12.2003 09:18
The psu is rated at 250w and being so the strain on it is miniscule witht the setup I have also the psu is an old psu of myne and it ran totaly cool. the fan is rite next to it blowing on the heatsinks. (than chance of a fire is the same as if the case were made of plastick because the wood has a burning temperature of about 150c and as such any component that heats up that mutch will fail and short the fuse on the psu out as such cuting power and reducing fire hazards.) cable wise I realy cant do mutch with them because everything is so tight. (this project is dead to me because it sits in my closet where its been siting there for the last year or so. (I just posted it here because I thought it may spark up some interest)

I do agree with you guys tho about the wires but I realy wish I had put more thought in designing the case but hell it was 1 of my first mods.

DarkSword12.12.2003 06:31
Interesting idea. Nice that it supports 500 users but you do need to look into that mess of cables. Something such as tape or some other type of wrapping to thin them up a bit would be better than their current state. I do worry about your hack-job with your PSU. That is a major major fire hazard with your choice matetrial being wood. If you can figure out some way to make this cleaner and less fire prone, hen I will give you some type of score but until then please, please fix it.

Jaguarking1112.12.2003 03:27
Also about the wires. I could not get em any neater because the case is very cramped. (wood was my choice because of the cost to me (free))

Jaguarking1112.12.2003 03:24
Iy was a quick project that i put together. Its not gr8 but it functions pretty dam well and it has a maximum user count of 500 witch makes it more economical than any router out there. (personal routers (brouters) say they can handle 100's of pc's but the usual cut off point is about 10 and then you get allot of crashes.

Like I said its not meant to be pretty. also the logo Is handmade and not a paste job its just hand painted. And yes the cpu runs very cool since the heatsink on it is from an amd k6-2 @450mhz and its been laped and has a quiet fan and the case fans circulate air throught the case.

Qballcious12.12.2003 02:25
I love the idea. Hate the material used and the n00b style with which it was executed.

anon11.12.2003 18:49
Can you use polyfiller with wood? o.O

It would've been nice if you like smoothened it out with something like polyfiller and then painted it on..

blood11.12.2003 16:35
Not very good job, but atleast the logo is nice

Nado11.12.2003 15:40
yea, really, really ugly...

a11.12.2003 14:03
so ugly

An@rchy11.12.2003 12:38
I'm not too fond of wooden cases...

Cra¥ 0N311.12.2003 11:41
yeah, it's a nice idea. but what a BIG cable mess! I wonder how does the cpu runs this cool....

AzsaZ11.12.2003 09:02
how long did it take to fix this?
5 minutes?

mhh11.12.2003 08:59
mhhh...not bad!