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Added: 11.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: Fipzy
Country: Germany

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It´s an old PI-166. I use it to play musik.
MonitorMod: drilled a hole - painted yellow - stuck the plexi inside
Desktop: painted the front yellow, the floppy and cd-rom blue, engraved the plexi with an offspring logo and added 1 superbright blue and 1 superbright red LED.

Sorry for My English, it is not as good as my German ;-)

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Rating: 3.23 - Votes: 31

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*anonymous*02.03.2006 02:41
You should put some Cathodes or LEDs in there it would be sweet

Mike30.08.2004 00:51
Very unique mod, definately.

*anonymous*17.02.2004 19:52
If thats a 17" I have the same monitor. I know what I am doing to it when I get home. Very nice mod it is inspiring.

rottenapple05.02.2004 05:38
Nice to see something Different

Sugarbyte09.01.2004 16:04
Ich mag deine "design" fiel argh!
ok, that was a lame attempt to try and say in german (because i speak it) " i love you design alot!"
what tool do you use to make the window!?
my email is answer me there :)

druga03.01.2004 19:25
very nice original mod. would look great at lan's.

Bona26.12.2003 03:37
There could be room enough inside your monitor for your computer..

PyroDave0513.12.2003 07:03

DarkSword12.12.2003 06:34
Nice and clean mod. I must question your sense of color choice though :P As killer7 was saying, I'm sure I have several monitors that look the exact same color but they arent painted :P Nice etching in the front ogf the computer, darkly lit but that adds a bit of mood to it. Overall, well done. Cool...

Quentis12.12.2003 04:56
Neat and Gotta point out the colors though. How...plain. But monitor mod rocks.

Happless Gimp12.12.2003 01:50
Sweeeeeeeeeeet! :)

Killer712.12.2003 00:57
C00l! Guybrus, You can tell he painted it if you look at the monitor. The part where the two sections come together is slightly different color.

Guybrush11.12.2003 22:20
are you sure you painted it, i seems to have the collor of some of my old monitors i used with my 86/286

drinn11.12.2003 20:01
hehe. :) nice mod.

jOkémon11.12.2003 14:15
nice one! cool thing to do a window in the screen! awsome

coool11.12.2003 14:11
very cool mod!original and nice...keep like that =)

Craz¥ 0N311.12.2003 11:38
this is a nicely done mod! congrats!