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Added: 13.12.2003
Full Case
Owner: coorz
Country: Netherlands

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Beantech Plexi case loaded with Luxeon leds and touch switches:
3 Luxeon lambertian leds mounted on internal fangrills, outer fangrills act as sensor,
3 Luxeon side-emitters(mobo panel, floor plate, side panel) also touch activated.
Matrix Orbital USB touch activated>sensor is front 3mm led holder
PC powerswitch>touch activated>sensor=front 10mm led holder

small gallery can be found here:


Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 148

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Wolf_modius22.01.2007 17:51
too many premods

Victor15.11.2005 18:21
Log on to Buy everthing that has a led attached to it...and then throw everything inside a clear case.

TuNa03.07.2005 19:04
This is so nice! Good jobb!! 5/5

Samson1andOnly06.03.2005 22:32
2nd time I've visited this site. I just wanted to say again what a pro job you've done on this comp. By the looks of the other comments on this site, jealousy is your best compliment. I'm interested in viewing other mods you've done if they are posted on your site. If so drop me a URL at

prnate46901.12.2004 20:38
looks good no matter what these people say here. ;)

Buzku12.10.2004 23:01
Too much stuff. Not even in my top 500

Mil3nk015.07.2004 11:53
use more colors! Cause the night shot isn´t so pretty. Besides that this is the nicest looking plexicase i have seen after Orac3 :)

*anonymous*07.07.2004 01:37
The PC is very very cool. I make at the moment so one PC.

Zim File08.06.2004 19:07
Nice Moddin man. Especially the green glow at the bottom. really like this job.

GReady09.04.2004 06:31
Buy it from pc stores...tbh

Samson40706.04.2004 04:55
Looking to start on my clear case mod this Wednesday....
Nice job......gave it a 5

pom25.03.2004 09:14
very good work I think, plexi is the best material for case.

mellev11.03.2004 11:28
tää on kyllä paras koppa mitä oon nähny

TonyNYC11.03.2004 05:28
Man, that is SWEET! Good job ;p

Sipphreus05.03.2004 18:07
One of the best job I've seen... really cool

*anonymous*04.03.2004 19:58
can you send me some tips for this case (dimensions;parts;Lcd Displey patterning;and soft for this displey)My email adress is: Thanks

2 Fast 4 You19.02.2004 21:11
There is only one word COOL ! ! !

Jas19.02.2004 04:20
I wouldn't mind possibly publishing a picture of your mod in a book I'm currently contracted to write. Please email if interested:

*anonymous*17.02.2004 19:50
I wish I had money to pay for all the fancy clear casses, never mind they look crapy.

*anonymous*14.02.2004 07:44
How in the hell do you guys keep all the little dust critters out of these cases? You obviously don't have a cat or dog and must live in some concrete jungle that has no kind of pollen, dust, dander etc around for miles..

websuccer30.01.2004 17:54
´My DELL is much cooler

*anonymous*26.01.2004 21:25
WOW This a Fantastic computer..I love it

PatricK21.01.2004 03:32
Well, good... But I can make another one mutch better than this dude! Suck it! -> I´m from Brazil guys!

zpLinX17.01.2004 00:21
this is fantastic!!! no more coments...

Fasces18.12.2003 22:07
I am a complete n00b, and I don't give a damn about computers. This was nice, though.

coorz15.12.2003 12:25
Mmm i see this discussion is going into the 'what exactly is modding' territory, let's leave it like that shall we?
It's just a PC.
Qballcious>it's a Radeon 9700, i don't think that the ZM80-HP cools better than the original fan, but it sure is quiter and as long as it stays within reasonable temps, that's fine for me. I also have the ZM80C-HP+ZM-OP1 combo, but the OP1 fan is certainly not silent at 12v, at 5v it is noiseless.
Jango>yes those luxeon stars get REAL HOT, but the way they are mounted now they should never overheat! detail:they are thermal epoxied to the (Lian-Li) alu internal fangrills.

Hezzu15.12.2003 10:48
Like Jango Said "15.12.2003 02:23
I'm not a fan of clear cases, anyway this is one of the cleanest cases i've ever seen!"
Excellent job dude! I would take one of those any time!

quakemonster15.12.2003 09:04
Wow impressive...

Qballcious15.12.2003 05:18
Guy has a point about all the purchased "mods". But looking at your gallery you did a very nice job on the PCB with the "touchsense system". Very nice and clean and I love how you use actual PC connecters and don't use those retarded automotive connectors, or just hardwire all the components like most people do. Also love all the wire sleeving. Very professional and clean. Do you do this for a living or just as a hobby?
I was wondering, is the ZM80-HP effective in cooling your video card or are you planning on going with the ZM80C-HP+ZM-OP1 in the future?

Guy15.12.2003 05:06
Zalman VGA cooler-bought, Zalman CPU cooler-bought, Zalman Hard Drive coolers-bought, black PSU mod-bought, Acrylic case-bought, Fan grills-bought, LED fans-bought, PC components-bought (obviously), LCD-bought.
The only actual mod that I can see is the PCB at the bottom that connects all the lights together and houses the elctronics for the touchesense system.

In which case it should be a single mod with just that part as the centre of the pics. Unless you just bought that as a kit too. Like Waingro said, if you have a lot of money, anyone can do this. No real talent required. Except for the soldering. Cudos on the PCB. I like the idea of touching the component to turn off the light. But since the Lights are so overdone I'd probably never turn them on to begin with.

Jango15.12.2003 02:23
I'm not a fan of clear cases, anyway this is one of the cleanest cases i've ever seen!
I like the way you used those fangrills to place the luxeons and to dissipate the heat... I heard they get quite hot, it's that right?
A bit too "Disco Fever" but overall a nice job.

Fipzy14.12.2003 22:22
Looks good but only buyed stuff!
"Fast-Food-Modding" Sux

slickrick14.12.2003 20:50
I can't believe you guys! From his gallery you can clearly see that only the Zalman stuff is simply box 'n bolt on, but they serve a PURPOSE>silence!
That plexi case is cheaper than any LianLi or coolermaster.
A PC needs a mobo, memory, VGA card and HDD's or not ? So what's with the 'looks expensive'?
The lightning and touch controls aren't simple premod CCFL 's, he designed them from scratch, no way you could ever buy that! And the PSU looks rather modded too, great job on the wiring.
Like the two tone colour scheme a LOT, but all dem leds turned on look rather disco, horrible.

lolo14.12.2003 18:34
it's not modding!everyone can buy!

Waingro14.12.2003 18:22
I cant say that the case is ugly, cuz it looks great!
But, this is a mod that everyone with a lot of money can do.
'cause this wasent cheep i think..
sry for my bad english..
looks cool but as i said, everyone with alot of money over can do this.. if he know how to plug in a HD an so on..

Witte14.12.2003 17:39
Nice case

C1TEAM14.12.2003 15:33
Looks Clean

coorz14.12.2003 10:25
the luxeon lambertian models have a 120 degrees radiation field, it's between even glow and bright spot.
Guy>i feel hurt you saying i just 'bought everything and just bolted it on or plugged it in' !

fish14.12.2003 08:40
beautifully executed, but the lack of internal cd/dvd-rom and floppy drive make me question the use of a normal sized case. it seems like an awful lot of wasted space, but then again it makes the case look cleaner. i am in no way trying to take away from your work, looks good. do the luxeons give an even glow or does their brightness create a "bright spot" effect?

Guy14.12.2003 05:05
Looks like you bought everything and just bolted it on or plugged it in. That's not really "moded". Not like you custom made the grills or built the case yourself. Maybe you sleeved some of the cables or drilled holes for the LCD but otherwise everything else is off the shelf bolt-on & plug-in.

coorz14.12.2003 02:28
'premod'? the only premod thing is the case itself. Everything has else been modded! The only thing that's unmodded is the ATA rounded cable! lol, thx anyway for all the positive reactions,

huru14.12.2003 01:37
I`m usually against "premod" but... goddam that`s beautiful... i mean WOW! THAT AWESOME, not a mod but AWESOME System u got there!!! keep it up!

Qballcious14.12.2003 01:22
I just meant the Uberdone multi-color light themes are becoming a little too comon. I'm surprised so many people like them sooo much.( i don't mean just in your case, but in general) But overall I must say you keep a very clean case. And again, love the Zalman stuff. I did my vga card with their new ZM80-HP but sadly my mobo wouldn't accomidate the CNPS7000 CPU cooler, damn ATX PS plug :-)
Good job guy.

An@rchy14.12.2003 00:40
Nice box!

coorz13.12.2003 22:40
Qballcious>true i hate the plexi case too, as weird as it may sound! But tacky lights? aaargh that's the whole point of the case! it's only tacky when all 6 luxeons are turned on yes..
Submission>most expensive hardware was the OCZ memory, and you spotted that well> i built it for silence...

warez s13.12.2003 22:27
You wont have cd-rom at all?

Nado13.12.2003 22:26
colorful, really good wiring job, just awesome! i love it!

SmrtCRO13.12.2003 22:26
Very nice, ^_^ :>D, nice glow, nice case and wireing is good!

pr13.12.2003 22:25
Ihan näppärän näkönen mut missä modauksen ilo?
Kaikki ostettu vaa suoraa kaupasta ;

YoNzZu13.12.2003 22:24
WOW!! That's stunning! I guess that's the best looking plexi case I have ever seen!

Submission13.12.2003 22:13
Great JOB! Looks very expensive though, probably $1500 right? Oh yeah thats american dollars, but overall its a high price.

I love the luxeon stars, and how you arranged them too. An overall 9-10, in looks, cooling, silence, and performance. Heh, from what i can guess for the many pictures.

Qballcious13.12.2003 20:28
Love all the zalman gear, the LCD and the very neat wiring. But I absolutely hate the bought plexi case with all the tacky lights.

Epeli13.12.2003 20:25
Do ypu have the zalman processor cooler well it looks like it
Pöö tuolla sp elektroniikassa myydään sarjoja joilla voi ohjata tollasta näyttöä ....muistaakseni =)?

MailmaN13.12.2003 20:02
Nice and glowing, maby the LEDs in the bottom are too powerful....?

Kirb13.12.2003 20:01
Looks very nice, best clear case I've ever seen. 500GB sounds fun :)

And I agree, External CDDVD Drives are the way to go, for a nice looking case.

coorz13.12.2003 18:49
no room for error in a plexi case!
No internal cdrom (impossible to make that look good), that's my next mod, an external dvd writer, VFD display and 2x250GB harddisks enclosure.

p13.12.2003 18:26
aikast hieno!
miten tollasen "näytön" saa tehtyy kiinnostais!

Killer713.12.2003 18:22
That looks sweet, generally it's pretty hard to hide cables in a clear case, but you obviously have. No CD drive? LOL