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Added: 16.12.2003
Other hardware/devices
Owner: MaxaMaccara
Country: Finland

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The same light tube that i used in my chair mod!
Its temporarily just taped, but i'm going to put it in its place with proper attaching when we first move to new home... It looks great! and its very cheap mod (if someone didn't look at my chair, its 4,95 for 5m light tube) pictures are lousy. (tube is very blue in nature)

sama valovaijeri ku mun nojatuolissa oli alustavalona. se on nyt vasta teipattu kiinni ja kiinnitän sen kunnolla vasta ku ollaan muutettu.
se on hyvän näkönen!(tosi sininen luonnossa)5m vaijeri makso 4,95

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Rating: 3.32 - Votes: 19

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MaxaMaccara10.03.2005 15:02
se oli aluks vaan teipillä kiinni mut en sit muista millä laitoin sen jälkee ku tosta on ihan pirusti aikaa :D

jame06.02.2005 11:24
millä oot saanu noi pysyy tos noin tiukasti?? teipillä?? ..en kyl usko et sil pysyy..

juha....18.01.2005 23:02
miten sait ton vaijerin pysymään tuossa kiinni???!

project12.02.2004 22:03
now lets add a little water :D

*anonymous*29.01.2004 13:36
Hyvin laitettu, mut eipä tuo mikään ihmeellinen ole. Onhan noita sängyn alle ja pöytien reunoihin laiteltu jo kauemman aikaa. Itelläni meni 20 metrinen huoneen ympäri ja muodosti kaikkii kuvioita mut revein irti ko en jaksanu kattella sitä enää...

Crash03.01.2004 01:15
Interesting idea.

MaxaMaccara22.12.2003 17:22
juu... kone on ihan kaupasta suoraa kompakki... paska ku mikä, mut pian on (viimein) uus kone luvassa. uuden koneen modaan kyl aikas hienoks =D

drinn21.12.2003 00:48
mistä soot hommannu ton pöydän? :)
ja vois tosiaa yrittää tehdä jotain saman tyylistä. :D

ant120.12.2003 14:02
vois itekkin kyhää jotain tollasta =))) ... vaikka pöydän alle tollanen nii vois olla ihane siisti =)))

ant120.12.2003 14:01
Samallaiset skobet kun mulla =))) ... mutta tuo kone on saatanan huono jos se on alkuperänen compaqqi =))))) ... samanlainen toimii linukka pönttönä =))))

Aap020.12.2003 05:24
siis tosi kolee. kool

-20.12.2003 05:24

dasupalouie19.12.2003 22:18
ewww, compaq sucks

MaxaMaccara18.12.2003 15:28
the light tube fried :( but i now have new one and its red... red is brighter than blue and could show under the chair much better than blue, but i'm not going to put tube under the chair or to the table anymore... (... mayby when we've moved i could put tube aroun table again because it looked cool)

Nado17.12.2003 20:52
much better than the chair...

BEan17.12.2003 19:50
Thats is how you use a tube of lights.

MaxaMaccara17.12.2003 12:26
My light tube is only something plastic... no lead in it

Gimple17.12.2003 08:59
I thought about doing somwthing simular last year with some tube lights I bought for Christmas. Then I read that there is an excesive amount of lead in the tubing (helps brighten the litle lights) and with small children (Ages 2 and 4) I thought better of it. Good luck mate. Don't lick your fingers!

MaxaMaccara17.12.2003 08:34
ei kannata vlittää noista Eri-t, Narkiisi ja kaaka, koska ne on mun idioottikavereita, jotka vaan haluu vittuilla mulle... Haistakaa iso karvanen mädäntyny banaani!

kakaka17.12.2003 08:33
eri-t on ihhan kakakakakakakakakabimbibimbibimbibimbibimbi

MaxaMaccara17.12.2003 08:32
inside of light tube is two wires and between of them are lamps. its very simple.

The tube is around the pc cause i only wanted to test that how does it lit under the table.. now i have taken the tube from pc because it looked horrible.
The light tube is bought from store called hongkong in finland and its made in finland but i think you can buy somethin like this from store that sells christmas lights

Eri-T17.12.2003 08:30
Miten tää neekerikaapeli auttaa sun juttujas?

Narkiisi17.12.2003 08:30

kaaaka17.12.2003 08:28
tosi kakabimbi. ihan oikeesti kakabimbi!!!

Jaguarking1117.12.2003 07:54
that gives the table the good old strip club look. Very nice.

Viper17.12.2003 07:02
what exatly is the light tube made of and where can i buy it

AEdwards17.12.2003 04:07
Looks cool on the desk, but it looks bad on the Computer, especially how it travels from the table to the Computer in plain sight.

Kirb17.12.2003 02:01
Definately, It makes the curves look super cool.

An@rchy17.12.2003 01:12
Yea, i feel same wit qballcious wit dis

Qballcious17.12.2003 00:42
I like it around the edge of the tabletop. Functional. But the part around the PC kinda looks out of place.