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Added: 16.12.2003
Owner: ADE
Country: Italy

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That's the way I light my keyboard!
I dunno how to hide the cable wich links the neon at the pc, so if you have an idea...
My case mod will come soon, I must add the plexy and hide tha cables.
Sorry for the images quality, but I thought they doesn't need a high quality to understand how the mod is.
It's a veeeeery simple mod (if I can call it a mod)

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 46

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Mooses7331.03.2004 23:03
Idea is useful. And it shows to work too. Nice.

noobs23.12.2003 03:13
Who needs a light on keyboard, you don't look at it when you write!

Lucif3r18.12.2003 19:21
oh PLEASE!! i have had my CCFL as keyboard light for AGES now.... come up woth sonthing NEW and COOL ffs.....

ADE17.12.2003 22:37
My keyboard isn't like the others. The gap between the keys an the keyboard is like a pool, it's closed, so I can't add leds or anything like.

Nado17.12.2003 20:53
bean is right, the ccfl is too bright. and light the keyboard from inside, that's better...

BEan17.12.2003 19:53
I think the CCFL is to powerful and to bright for this purpose. Just use led's and draw the power from the keyboard. or better yet put glow wire or led's under the keys.

n3rd17.12.2003 19:08
bad pics :(

ADE17.12.2003 16:51
I thank you for all the hints, but I dont need something to redirect the light because the CCFL is placed under the desk, so it doesnt blind me, but it could be an idea to make the mod more interesting. The cable is still a problem and it's the one you see at the left of the CCFL in the second image. The cable in the centre of the image is the web cam wire.

Flewdefur17.12.2003 02:45
perhaps you could make kinda a "shroud" to fit over the light to block it from shinging up and reflect it down. this could then be mounted to your desk and allow for better placement of the cable. Im guessing you have the wire run into the back of your computer to run off the psu so maybe you could mount the inverter inside the reflector/shroud dealie and then run a nice cable to the back and get a little DC power outlet from RS to give it a nice neat look and detachable functionality.

Kirb17.12.2003 02:02
Yeah.. you might wanna make a cover for that CCFL, it'll blind you in a few minutes

Qballcious17.12.2003 00:46
If you mount the CCFL to the keyboard itself, run the wires together with the keyboard cable and sleeve them together. Maybe use something like blackout tape or aluminum to cover the top of the CCFL to keep the light from blinding you. Just an idea.