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Added: 18.12.2003
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Toadman03
Country: USA

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Here is my christmas tree mod. Its two tree shaped cut outs from plexi put together so they stand up. I just hooked up a green Led to a battery holder and glued a switch on it. I am either going to etch some branches into it so they will glow green as well or drill holes in it to hang ornamants. If I get some circuits I might hook up some red and green leds that fade instead of the current single Led.

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Rating: 3.32 - Votes: 25

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*anonymous*15.04.2005 15:16
nice, made from 2 cd boxes right?

acidfreakblac03.03.2004 23:56
not much of a xmas person, but i like it.

nugge03.03.2004 19:59
i want one too _:P

Vintage06.02.2004 16:21
No need for real thing :)

JoKeR03.01.2004 19:05

3.1431.12.2003 17:29
=) me all happy inside

Kod1ak28.12.2003 08:10
Lol Gets me in the holiday spirit

Quentis24.12.2003 06:51
agree with ur daddy, just cuz hes funny as hell

Ur Daddy23.12.2003 20:34

Toadman0323.12.2003 05:02
Thanks for the comments. Im working on a Christmas Tree star as we speak. we me and my bro cut out 20 triangles and sanded them to make a 3d shaped Star. I cant wait till it is all glued together and put it on the tree.

N522.12.2003 02:14
i want one. very cool

Josh Geho21.12.2003 19:20
Hey Toadman, if you need me to throw you a schematic to make it flash red/green, shoot me an email.

drinn21.12.2003 00:48
hehe. :)
nice idea and it looks great.

An@rchy21.12.2003 00:27

Nado20.12.2003 23:22
hehe, now THAT is cool! i saw such a thing (just smaller) for about 7 f***** euros! this thing is much better, but sanding the plexi would destroy the whole looking. keep it this way.

Kirb20.12.2003 19:27
Hmm, Jipa... that may be nicer. But the whole glowpad thing does look cool... Good job!

Jipa20.12.2003 18:55
Yes, but i would sand it smoothly.. Effect maight be nicer :)

Qballcious20.12.2003 18:34
Nice. very festive.