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Added: 03.01.2004
Full Case
Owner: fastbrain1
Country: Germany

.: All mods by owner...
Heres some now Work from Germany !
Many of Plexiglas and Cable in here !
Pictures tell more than WORDS .
My Projects are all HANDMADE ! Also no Laser or like something else !
Only Dremel and pad saw !
About 2 Month of Work !
Look at :

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 56

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fastbrain121.02.2004 18:12
yep it is

shug08.02.2004 09:23
Hey slow er_fast dude, No,No No!!!It can't be! Tell us it ain't so!

fastbrain109.01.2004 22:54
better don`t tell ;) . REMEMBER : DONT DRINK MAKE CASE !

Waingro09.01.2004 15:50
well.. it seems like you have done one and another case mods.. and thsis is good looking to..
11 computers.. that must be stuff for over 15000$

fastbrain103.01.2004 23:44
I`m not rich ! I dont drive to Holidays with my family and dont Drink any Alcohlic things .Idont go out for Disco or like something else. My Family is happy with my freetime and my Projects too.

Olli03.01.2004 21:52
You are rich, I dont have cash for new computer and you have 20 computer :-(

Fastbrain103.01.2004 14:02
Oh sh* my wife is GRABBING ME ....ok ok ok my wife has a Casemod too also 11 Computers ;) ...YEP I TELL THEM HONNY ..... (greetings from miss bunny) must write it ....sorry

Fastbrain103.01.2004 14:00
I Have about 10 Computers ( my Son have 2 PC mods too ...)

Olli03.01.2004 13:59
How many computer you have :-P

Fastbrain103.01.2004 13:33
Uhm Fan Grills ? He he he .....
and thanks for ya comment !

M1kk003.01.2004 12:58
Awsome job man! i want one..

P.s Where you get Wreck workbench's cannabis fan grills???

fastbrain103.01.2004 12:53
Thanks for Your Comments ! It seems that you like Really HAND MADE STUFF ! Thanks for that ( sorry for my bad english ) Feel free to contact me for any QUESTIONS !

Jipa03.01.2004 12:50
I like it too! I just would paint that wood.

An@rchy03.01.2004 12:41
yea, thats pretty good

Epeli03.01.2004 11:59
niiiceee mmmmm i like it!!