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Added: 03.01.2004
Full Case
Owner: fastbrain1
Country: Germany

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YEP yep I`m back again ( however ...)
This Project was called :
This Project take all NERVS I had from me ....No Laser ore such Machines ( handwork is the best .) .
About 3-4 Months of HARD WORK !
YEP over 40 LEDS in different colours .
1,20 M * 0,43 M Wood Called BUCHE ....
1* IDE
AMD XP 2800 Plus
Many of 1 cm Plexi Glas
and Many of CABLE wit an DVD Burner .
The Tribals are Handmade NO MACHINES ! ( Only DREMEL or like something ....) sorry for my bad english ...
This Machine was at Nothcon Lan so this MACHINE is FULL LAN AREA fit.
It gets the First Place in JURY Points from over 800 CASECONS ...
The Rest you should see at :

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 190

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Naan0r13.11.2006 13:35
sitteku menee hermot ni polttaa ton takassa :)

*anonymous*26.04.2006 14:08

this is wood case too

Takuya05.11.2004 13:31
Very good work....
it must have take alot of time to make it

Chrono22.07.2004 12:48

fastbrain128.06.2004 00:54
thx ........

maiden07.06.2004 23:50

GReady09.04.2004 06:37
WowWowWow, nice!!! But would wood trap too much hot air..?

fastbrain121.02.2004 18:14
thanks for ya great comments ....

Dheri21.02.2004 14:38
One of the most beautiful chases I've seen, ever

Junkyard dog30.01.2004 07:22
Veeery nice and classy looking keep it up

mqr325.01.2004 21:19
verry good.

fastbrain111.01.2004 18:47
Thanks and the weight is about 45 KILO ?!

Peter10.01.2004 20:39
Oustanding! Well done FB!

henrikk09.01.2004 23:17
Is it heavy?

fastbrain109.01.2004 22:51
Only 3 Fans are needed and they are Temperatured Controlled.

Waingro09.01.2004 15:45
You need pretty much fans to keep that chassi cold.. but overall pretty cool

U2K08.01.2004 06:11
fastbrain1 don`t look to those comments , those people are very uhm ....better tell not ....

drinn07.01.2004 17:40
wow, big and awesome mod! :O

fastbrain105.01.2004 11:18
Thank you . It was the Hardest Work for me to do that .

BEan05.01.2004 05:28
I have been seeing alot of wood cases latley. Its a trend.

Nice work with the side carvings

fastbrain105.01.2004 02:18

Ratticus05.01.2004 00:20
Whats the mobo, does the scsi come from and addon card?

fastbrain104.01.2004 12:36
I will discuss that with my wife.But this chance seems to be 1:1000.0000.0000.0000

Quentis04.01.2004 06:17
The dragon the front is insane man. Insane. You dont need all these computers buddy, give em here. ;)

Fastbrain103.01.2004 20:38
Thank You ! And this " BIG TOWER " is Integrated in our Furnitures .ofcourse that the tower is so big .

serial_killer03.01.2004 20:01
that is very cool case. little bit too big, but very nice. good job man.

Fastbrain103.01.2004 16:25
The Plexiglas behind the Wood Tribal I DREMEL Completely ! No sand !
And it was HARD TO DO Believe me ...

DDR03.01.2004 16:22
this is a niceone too... that idea is cool but try put mmmm.... what was that thing its like "waterpaint" but its not... red that thing to where is your CD drives and Musketeer then what i will like there fron is a logo buy there another one and sand it a litle bit from "edges" and then put it front of that then BLUE leds... into it it will seem like much harder to do... honor...

Fastbrain103.01.2004 15:53
Thanks ! This means that this was the MOST WORK at all !

Jipa03.01.2004 15:50
I just love those plexi-wood-light-things!

Fastbrain103.01.2004 14:03
Yes youre Right ! The only way to get Brocken Hardware is from Above ! Because all other Wood is together with ( uhm dont know the word in English ... LEIM .....)

r0awr03.01.2004 14:00
i like it ;>

Olli03.01.2004 13:55
I like it. Its very big and free space found lot :-P