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Added: 08.01.2004
Full Case
Owner: Alonzo_Bistro
Country: France

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MSI kt3-ultra2-c
barracuda 120 and 40 gigas
512 DDR
MSI TI4200


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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 89

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acidfreakblack03.03.2004 12:26
hey alonzo, stumbled onto this one... very good job on this one, i also LOVE your other case (the one you posted in twistedforums). you are a genius! Tres Bien! :)

Jessica28.02.2004 08:24
Yeah... definitely! Gave u a 5 too!!

nisse03.02.2004 23:33
that's too much things everywhere imho

Alonzo_Bistro17.01.2004 01:16
for more fotos

Alonzo_Bistro17.01.2004 01:15
thanks :)

Xeraxon15.01.2004 16:48
It's just.... Awesome work man! I would be proud of that kind of case! Damn, dude... 5 points!

Nado10.01.2004 15:47
wow, that sounds even better...

Alonzo_Bistro08.01.2004 23:55
tanks guys
it took me about 3/4 months , lot's of work on it :)
cut blowhole , cut windows top and border , cut CD , and doing the fan/rheobus.
the plexiglass(in french in the text :)) in front change colours ie red when disk activity and yellow when lan/internet activity , really fun :)
tanks again

big lew08.01.2004 17:57
how long did all that take u?

Nado08.01.2004 14:41
awesome! u built the front urself, right? wonderful job! 5 points!