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Added: 13.01.2004
Full Case
Owner: IMP22B
Country: USA

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This is a case i modded over christmas brake. Its a Chenming black full server case. I pit in dual blue cold cathode lights. It has one red 120mm led fan on the side and one red 92mm fan on the top. I cut out the stock front and put in a piece of plexi, I also engraved the Mandalorian logo on the front because Bobba Fett is Kiss A$$! The last thing I did was stealth my cd burnder and DVD drive, and painted my floppy drive black. Oh yeah it also has a Enermax Black 5.25" Temp. Monitor w/ Fan Controller. I think thats about it. Tell me what you think.

P.S. What you you guys use to cover the tops the mouse pads you make.

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imp22b01.04.2004 18:13
The window was a kit. I got it from My case is a full server tower. I dont really know the dimensions. My CPU fan is just the generic one I got with my processor

KlaZaA26.03.2004 09:59
Man, thats real sweet :) 5 from me!

AtomicX17.03.2004 18:48
Im going to install the same window (if it is a kit) that you have on the top but im wondering. Is it hard to install that? And how big (LxDxW) is your case.

xaserII28.01.2004 20:38
what kind of cpu fan is that. is it coolermaster? Mine is soooooo loud. It runs at 6000 rpms

IMP22B14.01.2004 18:32
You can buy the fans. I got them at

Nado14.01.2004 14:06
yea, that's what i meant. but did do mod them? or can u buy such ones?

IMP22B13.01.2004 20:59
The case and all the mod supplies were all about $300. The fans arnt clear they are kinda foggy with biohazard fan guard

Nado13.01.2004 17:11
not bad.... weird etching =D the fans don't look transparent, did u mod them too? 4pts

Xeraxon13.01.2004 11:08
Can ya tell me how much whole project costed? Very cool case.