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Added: 15.01.2004
Owner: Adrenaman
Country: USA

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Here is my new Logitech Keyboard mod. I just hate the way the shortcut buttons look with all that lame text on them. So I decided to give my new keyboard a total makeover and retain functionality of the shortcut buttons. I cut the tops off the original buttons and made my own buttons out of UV green Plexi and glued them on.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 102

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jd28.03.2004 06:30
nice. looks like "keys" were cut from that helpless sheet of lexan/plexiglass. smoke rises from dremel.

lots of UV-excited (-fluorescent/-luminescent)
"glow-in-the-dark" synthetic RUBBER items are available at toy stores in the usual colours & varying degrees of translucency. harder lucite/lexan/plexiglass, like yours, remains the only transparent stuff we've seen.

at the store, humbly, innocently ask clerk for "anything that Glows In The Dark". say nothing of the horrors you plan.

that nice, big iggly-squiggly squid, on the shelf, there, was thoughtfully designed to be some kid's favourite toy.

but now .. We come along & scalpel it into shapes-not-known-in-nature.


shroomz02.02.2004 18:47
i want the same for my keyboard ! i'm looking for these fluo tabs

crash21.01.2004 23:43
gonna do anything to the mouse??? u should get some uv leds and mount those inside the keyboard, and put them on a switch. that way u can make them glow whenever u want, and dont need a black light above ya.

AK21.01.2004 14:43
Very nice!
Have to mod my own Logitech keyboard, but a bit different way. Very nice idea :)

Tim20.01.2004 00:21
you did a good job
except what does it look like in daylight with the mod installed????

ii19.01.2004 00:39
i suggest you mod the audio control keys like that too. Would be amazing. Maybe place some UV-LEDs inside the keybard?

ii19.01.2004 00:36
i love that! Good job.

Nado16.01.2004 20:55
excellent work!

Adrenaman16.01.2004 06:06
Yep good memory. =)

Qballcious16.01.2004 03:26
BTW. Clean job Adrenaman. But now how do you know which button does what? Good memory? :-)

Qballcious16.01.2004 03:23
Wireless keyboard and EL wire sounds like counter productive combo being battery powered and all.

BEan15.01.2004 21:47
Great ideal. You should try el wire under the keys next.

Quentis15.01.2004 20:02
that looks pretty badass and its very original. 4 cuz i dont like your hands.

gibb3h15.01.2004 19:11
like the mod, but hate the keyboard

zenocha15.01.2004 17:37
my logitech keyboard isnt safe anymore from modding now...

1337MHz15.01.2004 10:19
Very neet. The best keyboard ever made and u made it even better. :)