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Added: 16.01.2004
Owner: €agle
Country: Czech Republic

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This is my keyboard mod. I wanted to put the El-Strips under the buttons, but it didn't fit there. So I cut it into smaller parts and sticked it to the keyboard.

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Rating: 1.9 - Votes: 50

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KaislaMato10.05.2004 21:14
Aika kiva c",)

Mooses7331.03.2004 22:48
Idea is well. But may those shinig tapes could set better? All things which lighting are good.

Bugi23.03.2004 22:37
That's cooooooooool
5 points

crash21.01.2004 23:40
get some paint to match color of the el strip.

ii19.01.2004 00:42
Looks ok in dark but in daylight it looks odd.

Quentis17.01.2004 04:12
looks like dog doodoo when its not lit :)

Qballcious17.01.2004 00:50
May I suggest aerosol UV paint for a better finish.

Nado16.01.2004 21:00
yea, it's ugly... that strip just doesn't fit there. try something other and use the strip on ur case or wherever.

Japala .:admin16.01.2004 17:21
I like the idea but perhaps you should have paid more attention to the general quality of your work. :)

toften16.01.2004 16:34
ehh, its uglu, sorry!

Fast12816.01.2004 15:30
:/ glowire... paint whole keyboard... right now: this mod suXX