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Added: 18.01.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: ii
Country: Finland

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This is my self-made LEDfan. i drilled place for 4 red LEDs. Only the fan blades are clear and everything else is black. Brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted. Found that cool grill from old 220v fan.

Itsetehty LEDituuletin. Porasin reišt neljšlle LEDille. Tuulettimen runko on musta ja ropelli on kirkas. Kirkkautta voi sšštšš portaattomasti.

Sormisuojan lŲysin vanhasta verkkovirtatuulettimesta. Sopii kotelon tyyliin. Aluksi suhtauduin hieman varauksella ledipotkureihin mutta ihan kiva siitš tuli. Projekti etenee.. jatkoa seuraa.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 46

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Junkyard dog31.01.2004 20:33
Old school still rules!!

ii27.01.2004 11:14
Olen minä murossakin luurannut. Katso oikeille alueille. YK-alueella en enää viihdy. Liikaa mielipiteitä ilman perusteluja.

kolop24.01.2004 21:42
Täällähän sä luuraat. Ei ole miestä murossa näkynyt aikoihin. Kiva modi.

lol21.01.2004 19:39
That is so oldschool.

Kirb21.01.2004 01:55
Yeah, I agree Qballacious, I love the Clean dirty doom look. Mmmm, I looked at the forum and your case. very very nice, carry over the creepy red, and (if you can..) make the keyboard look Doom dungy, if you know what I mean.

She looks awesome, first 5/5 for me so far

Qballcious21.01.2004 00:02
"clean" in a dirty DooM-ish way. again. Love it.

Qballcious21.01.2004 00:00
Nice case. I like it. It's the same ammo box as Josh Driggs a.k.a. Zap Wizard's case as seen in Maximum PC mag January '04 Edition and on several TV shows such as TSS on TechTV. Same case different mod approach. Nice and clean. I really like it.

Japala .:admin20.01.2004 21:09
ii's case project:

drinn20.01.2004 15:39
looks nice. :)

ii20.01.2004 13:43
ok.. i translated the project-log from finnish to english.. that with all the pictures can be found from the forum.

ii20.01.2004 09:49
The case is not ready yet and im working on it. I will post more pictures here...
Suomalaiset voi vakoilla projektiani murossa.

BEan20.01.2004 08:02
what is that fan mounted to.

Qballcious20.01.2004 05:57
Maybe post a full case picture. I'd love to see what kind of enclosure you used. It doesn't look like a traditional PC case. Again, good work. can't wait to see more.

N520.01.2004 04:23
Qballcious is right, it looks like something straight out of doom. i like lights and fans not too bright, and this is it. great shock warning too.

ii20.01.2004 03:14
Thanks Qballcious.
At first i wasn't sure if LEDfan will look good at all but now im happy i made it.

More to come.. stay tuned.

Qballcious20.01.2004 02:41
That is one sweet-ass assembly. The grille and the bars going across remind me of DooM I+II for some reason. i just think it looks cool. And that eerie red glow adds a touch of color. Very nice. 5 points from me.