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Added: 21.01.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Qballcious
Country: Canada

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Relax guys I'm not posting the Zalman heatpipe installation as the mod. Anyone can do that for a little $$$.

The part I modded was the power source for the fan. Still not hard to do but it cleans things up immensely. The Zalman OP1 fan is virtually silent at 12V and runs absolutely noiseless at 5V. The heatpipe kit included a molex adaptor with four separate fan headers on it. ( 2x12V, 2x5V ) This was a lot of unnecessary wiring. I cut the plug off an old fan adaptor and soldered it to the 5V+GND poles of the Radeon 9500Pro's external power plug. (floppy style plug). Then I shortened the OP1 fan wire and sleeved the wires to match the rest of my case. I then "super glued" the male end of the plug to the PCB. Low-tech I know but this allows me to disconnect the fan if necessary. I couldn't solder the fan header directly to the PCB because there was not enough clearance under the B-side HS. This keeps my card at 44°C under stress and cleans up the wiring a lot.

Let me know what you think or suggest some improvements.

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 38

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*anonymous*31.07.2005 21:52
5/5 dude thats sweet

Qballcious09.02.2004 23:25
I'll let that one slide :-)))

Nevah31.01.2004 03:14
ups :P dident read the storry :)

Nevah31.01.2004 03:13
but its not a mod..? u just added a Zalman tube cooler ?

b00b22.01.2004 10:32
more PoWAH

N522.01.2004 01:47
oh yea, nice and clean

Eärendil21.01.2004 17:20
Useful, clean and nice.
I like it. :>

*anonymous*21.01.2004 17:08
Do you have nightmares about bare computer wires hiding in your closet waiting to jump out at you??

An@rchy21.01.2004 13:34
It needs m0re PoWaH!!!!

Nado21.01.2004 13:01
yea, nice and clean

ii21.01.2004 08:13
Simple but usefull mod.