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Added: 23.01.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Destroyer
Country: Norway

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Pentium 4 2.4GHz
Asus P4PE
512MB DDR 333mhz
Radeon 9800pro w/VGA Silencer
Soundblaster Live

I wanted to give my pc a cool look with Blacklight, so I have used 2 blacklights. 1 at the bottom, and one on the side door.
The backfan is painted with UV green spray paint on the middle, and painted with UV orange marker on the blades.
CPU Fan-grill was a bit difficult to paint, cos the paint kept going off because the grill was laminated.
On the PCI/AGP cards I used UV markers.

I will start working to make other mods on the pc, 1st a self made etch of a battleship(since my nick is Destroyer)
And probably add a mirror at the buttom.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 37

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ViKing_//Ar|0R08.02.2005 13:59
i did the same thing to my graphics card. but i used text markers

Destroyer04.02.2004 23:46
I bought from a local modelling(cars, planes etc) shop.
It can also be bought at places where they sell paint etc.

Xtreme28.01.2004 17:37
Were did you Buy the UV paint ???

ToNic24.01.2004 17:21
The pictures could be better

gibb3h24.01.2004 15:45
i like it, nice and understated

Destroyer24.01.2004 13:24
Thx for the nice replies. Acctuaaly, this is a Thermaltake case (Lanfire) I regret I bought it, cos I didden't know when I did that I was going to mod.
Yesterday I painted a dragon on the other side of the case + a woman on the top. I will add more pics when I have done more work on the inside.
My next case will be a LianLi ;)

An@rchy24.01.2004 00:14
i don't see no tt... yeh, you should add larger uv objects, like paint chassis uv. otherwise, yeh its kewl.

Nado23.01.2004 16:14
cool! but what makes someone etch a TT string into a window...? =/

splinter_cell23.01.2004 14:50
looks good 4/5. you should just go all out on the uv and cover everything, detail everything. AMD all the way

NIRVANADUDE23.01.2004 14:27
I did that too, it looks really good on mine too. A tip: use a uv reactive pen (example neon pens) and color all the connections on some cards, that looks awesome too.

ii23.01.2004 11:48
Cool. i like UV