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Added: 24.01.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Vorlo
Country: Finland

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heatsink&fan replaced

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Rating: 3.22 - Votes: 23

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lazychris200007.02.2006 00:00
that may be a bit overkill....did you overclock it at all?

j2K04.08.2005 11:31
I made a similar mod few years ago, I put a Falconrock II cooler on my gf3. It was not too heavy, even it was twice as large than cooler in the picture. The temperature-drop was amaizing. After that it was an overclocker's dream =). Btw, hienosti tehty tuokin ;).

*anonymous*03.04.2005 07:23
FAR TOO HEAVY. Have fun with a crap video card.

Zen06.05.2004 00:09
If you use the Zalman heatpipe you might shortsircuit
the whole PC!!
Finaly somone who uses an LED fan!!!!!!

nugge01.03.2004 22:21

*anonymous*23.02.2004 16:54

shug03.02.2004 07:46
Good Work. You'll get longer life from your card with this cooling mod.

jaguarking1129.01.2004 03:15
ok extreme tnt cooling? what do you get out of that? just get a new vga card. I bet a gf2 cost less than that heatsink and fan. just a sugestion. 3 points for the concept

:D26.01.2004 15:41

:)26.01.2004 12:03
hahaha! just great

Vorlo25.01.2004 16:15
Submission : It's old tnt. I wasn't able oc this card much, only 15 mhz core and about same to memory. Main reason for doing this mod was because the original fan was really loud.
kuolio : Try using those fans @ 5v or 7v

An@rchy25.01.2004 12:54
hmm, not powahfuhl enuhff. giv it more P0WAH!

happless_gimp25.01.2004 05:06
can we say ramsinks......effective otherwise

AzsaZ25.01.2004 03:09
I have the same mod, but only I've placed my fan in an old ISA card, and put it in a slot next to my VGA Card!
Works good....(i can check it with my aerogate II )

N525.01.2004 02:34
more necessary cooling

VermilioN25.01.2004 01:31
I have similar mod on my p3 800 cpu but I've made dishes from 80mm fan to 50mm sink and it colls waaay better even on 5V than 12V 50mm fan.

mitenni25.01.2004 01:08
joku voi sanoo et "good job" toihan on ihan helvetin törkeen näkönen

nakkisormi25.01.2004 01:07
et yhtää rumempaa tehny :O

Jipa24.01.2004 23:01
Hohhoijaa. Kohta joku pistää peltierjäähyn vanhaan ISA-lättyyn.

Submission24.01.2004 22:41
I like it, but what video card is it? And have you OCed it yet?

ToNic24.01.2004 21:58
haha, that BETTER cool that thing down. If that doesnt, we are all in a little trouble.

Nado24.01.2004 21:34
big, BiGgEr, VORLO'S VGA-COOLER! lol, good mod!

kuolio24.01.2004 21:27
"offtopic" Sunbeam fan... much noise :D i have those 2 in my computer, and my ears are bleeding :E

ii24.01.2004 21:17
Good Job.