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Added: 24.01.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: Vorlo
Country: Finland

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Simple snes pad->pc adapter

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Rating: 3.33 - Votes: 15

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Lupin15.02.2004 04:53
Can I see a pic inside the holder?

Quentis29.01.2004 18:49
Hey....wonderful, that makes no sense to me.

Quentis29.01.2004 18:48
Thanks man

Vorlo25.01.2004 22:44
Quentis : I used this guide ->
and this driver (for win2k or xp) ->
Hope this helps.

Quentis25.01.2004 21:43
Vorlo! You must teach me how to do that! Ive been looking into it and havent found any reliable sources. Please drop me an email, or post it here where eveyrone could see!

Qballcious25.01.2004 17:59
That is one clean adaptor. Simple, good looking and fuctional. 5 out of 5.

n3rd25.01.2004 17:07
Can you really play games with that?

Nado25.01.2004 14:11
good one!