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Added: 26.01.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Qballcious
Country: Canada

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This is a mod I did a long time ago when I first got my Lian-Li PC60 case. It's a 3.5 Lian-Li faceplate modded to be esencially a large rocker-style switch that controls the main hardware volume of my Audigy-1. Great for lan parties when you only have headphones without volume control. It's hardware control, plugs straight into the card so it works at any time, in games, during DVD playback, whenever- without delay. Even when Windows hung (once) and repeats an audio stream the volume control still worked :-)

I ditched this mod for a revised version since this one doesn't allow me to Mute the volume quickly. On a rocker switch you cannot activate state_1 and state_3 simultaniously. Version two allowed me to do that. I posted version 2 on galleries back in 2003.


Note: Craftsmanship was way lower on this one as it was a temporary test mod.
Let me know what you think.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 122

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Bugi30.08.2004 20:12
Well done

acidfreakblack03.03.2004 23:34
nice, i like it for the fact that it's not a sticking out knob, and it would have people lookin at you going...why do you keep touching that?? lol.. seriously tho, nice job :)

Qballcious25.02.2004 00:07
You mean a potentiometer or a rheostat?? That's just a volume knob man. This is way cooler.

Ra9120.02.2004 13:03
: ) well done but it is much esier way to do thet.
you dont have to command the sound card to change the strenght of the signal if you can do it yourself. Remember the old radio thet most of you guys have once in the life bracked apart, there is a wery clever way to controll volume: lil thing thet creates resistense... you turn it, and it sounds more and viseversa.
Do it old school !

Nebelosa29.01.2004 16:28
man that was sweet :-) a 5 on that one for sure

Quentis27.01.2004 19:44
Wonderful, as usual from Qball ;)

Qballcious27.01.2004 05:49
N5- pun intended? :-)

N527.01.2004 02:18
i've seen switches for vol, but never a stealthed rocker. that rocks.

Qballcious27.01.2004 00:45
Wow that little text diagram looks a lot different in the posted version than it does in the posting form. I'll try horizontaly.


===|| vol -
XXX|| empty-no pin
===|| vol +
===|| com

Hope this looks better...

Qballcious27.01.2004 00:41
Thanks guys. I'm glad you like it. Might give it another go with the faceplate model. This time I'll incorporate the mute function by sloting the pivot point.

tm36usa: Use header J8 on the audigy.

|| |
|| |
cv v
oo o
ml l
+ -

Use two button style switches to:
short "vol+" pin to the "com" pin for VOLUME UP
short "vol-" pin to the "com" pin for VOLUME down
short both "vol+" and "vol-" pins to the "common" pin for MUTE/UN-MUTE

Hope this helps. If not let me know.

tm36usa26.01.2004 21:46
I got an audigy too but i dont know which pins to use. Plz help!!!

*anonymous*26.01.2004 21:30
hehe this is good

J_B26.01.2004 20:33
sweet idea i was thinkin of doin the same to my old audigy but instead i ended up fryin the old system so bought new shit and the audigy is useless for now the onboard sound does the trick for me for now :) but is a excelent idea well done nice craftsmanship good

p.s. GO CANADA!!!!!

Jipa26.01.2004 17:39
WOW! U make different kind of mods! But all these rock :D

Andy26.01.2004 16:58
It's very useful.

Eärendil26.01.2004 16:31
Omg, that's genius!

Nado26.01.2004 15:26
excellent, i like this one more than the second version

Epeli26.01.2004 13:49
the most useful device what i have ever seen=) NICE!!

this26.01.2004 12:41
is modding :D

ii26.01.2004 10:29
very cool.

AzsaZ26.01.2004 09:38
Real nice and tide, a 5 for the good idea!