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Added: 27.01.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Sergey
Country: Finland

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Couldn't keep my hands off the STIGA sledge :) 4 red LED:s with 9V barrery, no fuzz, just the coolest sledge in the hood.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 567

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L0L20.01.2005 15:38
ootko tehnyt tähän kelkkaan muutakun pistänyt ledit?

Sergey22.09.2004 20:47
Barrery = Battery :P

Some good ideas on its way to sled. And no, i don't have any kids, this is my own. btw. i'm only 30yrs young ;)

Jombe21.09.2004 21:58
ROFL MY WOLF! :DD Only in Finland.. Vähä komee.

Mosselman10.09.2004 01:01
Pimp my ride indeed... where is X?... anyway... Combine this with the other modded sled and some tv screens and touch screen dvd player like they do in "Pimp my ride" and then maybe add a playstation... That would be totally hot... Your kid (if you have any) could really pick up some "biatches" with a ride like that (after you do what I suggested though ;) ) Now its very well suited for drunk night rides... Talking about night rides... put a nightrider led thing in front of it... and maybe some voice machine... so you have a real nightrider sled... :P...

!!!02.09.2004 23:49
Pimp my ride

?02.09.2004 09:09
Right on!

lite01.09.2004 14:32

Gigamike07.08.2004 00:44
lol, u saying "in the hood"

that makes me give you 5 points :D

*anonymous*02.08.2004 21:03
look really cool. I'm going to make that with mine ;)

Zen07.05.2004 01:09
That the coolest thing on this page!!!!

hmm.09.04.2004 09:48
WTF is that man?

Juho Kelkkamies12.03.2004 08:22
Mahtavaa, aivan loistavaa :D!!!
Tuohon sais kummasti tehoja lisää, kun sahaa vanhoista laskettelusuksista etu-osan taivutettuine kärkineen ja pulttaa paikoilleen. Kokeiltiin kaverin kans ja kulkee niin PERKULEESTI! Sitten vielä semmonen pätkä esim moottorikelkan ohjaunrautaa ohjaussuksen alle, ni kääntyy vaikka asfaltilla. Tuommosen kun sais Raahen stigacrossiin ni voittas jo pelkästään sillä, että kisakumppanit on kateudesta vihreinä :D. Laitappa mullekki tuollanen alustavalosarja :D

gez06.03.2004 18:04
tää rok ;D

sp0oky05.03.2004 17:20
wOw... thats one cOOl stiga!!! lol!!

Moder8oR29.02.2004 23:12
NICE 100%

cYc29.02.2004 22:02
love it ;)

Ducati24.02.2004 22:22

PasCal24.02.2004 14:54
Qhat did u do with the power? The leds is going on somthing right?

KrOpA23.02.2004 18:20
Sweet :P

Zekk16.02.2004 08:48
Nice! =)

*edit*: i wish i had that one ;-)

HoMBre16.02.2004 05:03
Order a few of these 75-114-05 from elfa ( to have in the front.
180cd, not mcd but cd ;) thats 180000mcd. Very nice mod anyway!

Norbius15.02.2004 20:11
Yeah!! Talk about cool!! Going down the hill with a snowracer that glows red :D

gon09.02.2004 21:52
:))))) Tunned!! :))) lol

RETRO05.02.2004 10:24
Hahahaha :),tota sit autonperässä nii hyvältä näyttää :D:D

JoCCe01.02.2004 00:22
i´t looks like hell!?!

Sergey30.01.2004 03:32
Well this project isnt ready yet. I ran out of resistors and need to go and buy some new ones (Didnt find any suitable inside bedclock). 4pcs 6000mcd white LEDs should be added pointing forward. I'll keep u posted :) *Thanks to YE in helsinki*

MaxaMaccara28.01.2004 09:22
no voi hittoreikä!!! suunnittelin ite et tekisin tommosen mut sit kerkesit prkl eka!Ledien asettelu kelkan alla vois olla parempiki mut toi on ihan siisti... ite laitan sinisiä. Helmalevikkeet olis kova sana! lasikuitua kehiin vaan!!

N528.01.2004 02:06
no loosing that in the dark :)

BEan27.01.2004 20:20
i want one.

Quentis27.01.2004 19:48
Nice, its like a rice rocket

Galatan27.01.2004 17:41
Tolla saa varmasti tsiksei! :D

drinn27.01.2004 17:38
ei helvetti. :D
tää on ihan helvetin siisti. :))

Wolmax27.01.2004 15:55 Vilkaiskaahan tää tunetus ;o)

Flash27.01.2004 15:43
Siistit alustavalot, vähän helmalevikkeitä ja aluspoikka :)

DDR27.01.2004 15:37
jokseekin aravsin että suomalainen voi keksiä tällässee STIGA tunaukse ^^ Amikset Kunniaan ^^

Nado27.01.2004 15:10
BWUAHAHAHAHAAAA! That's so cool, dude! Just the right sledge for a pimp =D 5 points for the ingenious idea!!!

HaoKi27.01.2004 13:06
NONI...Asia Stiga...

happless_gimp27.01.2004 13:05
thats the sorta thing that makes me wish it snowed here

VermilioN27.01.2004 12:38
I like those kind of modz, 5 :)

ii27.01.2004 08:58
hehe. kewl.
(stiga ei ole koskaan voittanut pulkkaa nopeudessa)

Madfexx27.01.2004 08:24
That's really really cool man! Propsit sulle...:D

fish27.01.2004 08:20
coolest sledge I've seen